On the Subject of Name Codes

The game’s aim: change names.

This module will have a single letter in its center and two tilted left and right arrows. The center screen displays the letter in the current position of the chosen string.

The chosen string is formed by concatenating five of the words from the below word list. The string loops around.

Pressing the left and right arrows will move the current position in the chosen string left or right by the left index and right index respectively. These indices will both be between 2 and 5 inclusive, and will be coprime to each other.

To solve the module, multiply the left index by two and add it to the right index. Press the center letter when the last digit of the countdown timer is the least significant digit of this number.

Angle Grave Bark Ruler Kite While Query
Arrow Teepee Party Dijon Travel Bone Green
Sparks Spins Vice Nomen Vertigo Preset Crypt