On the Subject of Naughty or Nice

You're probably gonna cry.

The list on the left will display a name when this module activates.

Figure out if this person is nice or not by using the table below.

If the person is nice, press the "nice" button. Otherwise, press the "naughty" button. Each successful button press will increase the time on the module by 20 seconds, up to a maximum of 100 seconds.

Person: Is nice if:
Adam There is a Hexamaze or Switches module on the bomb
Alice There are no batteries on the bomb
Bob There is a lit BOB, MSA, NSA or SIG indicator on the bomb
Cheryl There are no unlit indicators on the bomb
Dave There are no PS/2 and RJ-45 ports on the bomb
George There are more unlit than lit indicators on the bomb
Harry The first digit of the serial number is odd
James The serial number contains a vowel
Jason The serial number contains "C" or "D"
John There is a parallel and serial port on the bomb
Mike There are more than 3 batteries on the bomb
Nancy There are no lit indicators on the bomb
Pat There are more than 2 battery holders on the bomb
Rock The serial number does not contain "8"
Sam There is an unlit SND, CLR or TRN indicator on the bomb
Simon There are more lit than unlit indicators on the bomb
Tim There is a stereo RCA or DVI-D port on the bomb
Tony Jason's nice condition is true