On the Subject of Navinums

You should never write words using numbers unless...

The module consists of five displays, each containing a digit. Disarming this module involves two stages.

Stage 1: Press eight directional displays

Look up the middle display’s digit in Table 1 below. The sequence of numbers obtained indicates which directional digits to press. “1” indicates the lowest digit, “4” the highest. After each press, the directional displays change, but the middle digit remains the same.

Additionally, move around in the grid beside Table 1 starting with the cell containing the middle digit. Then, for each directional display pressed, move one space in the corresponding direction in this grid. The grid wraps around.

The module can be reset by clicking and holding the center display for 2 seconds.

Stage 2: Press the middle display

In this stage, the digit in the middle display changes every second. Press the middle display when the digit displayed is equal to the digit last landed on in the grid beside Table 1.