On the Subject of Needy Game of Life

You only get to live life once unless you believe in reincarnation.

This module has a 4x4 grid. When the module activates, some LEDs will light up. To disarm the needy, input the correct next stage.

If the timer runs out, the needy will strike. If an incorrect solution is submitted, the module will strike and deactivate.

The button on the left labelled ‘R’ is used to reset the grid to the state it was in when the needy activated. The button on the right labelled ‘S’ is used to submit the answer.

A square is considered neighbouring if it is adjacent to another square, including diagonally.

If a square is black:

White neighbouring squares < 3 or > 3 Stay black
White neighbouring squares = 3 Turn white

If a square is white:

White neighbouring squares < 2 or > 3 Turn black
White neighbouring squares = 2 or = 3 Stay white