On the Subject of Negation

This module is ¬¬(good).

The module has three letters preceded by any number of negation symbols (¬), and ‘True’ and ‘False’ buttons.

Each letter corresponds to a true or false statement about the bomb.

For each negation symbol, take the opposite of the statement. If there are multiple, take the opposite that many times.

Submit the resulting statements using the True and False buttons to solve the module

A More than 2 batteries B Lit or unlit FRQ or TRN C Vowel in serial number D RJ-45 port
E Odd last serial digit F More lit than unlit G Parallel port H Stereo RCA port
I Lit BOB J At least one D battery K Unlit FRK L Even number of batteries
M Last serial digit greater than 5 N More than 2 ports O Lit or unlit SIG P DVI-D port