On the Subject of Mathy Neutralization

Putting back the math in science

Base Type

  1. NSA and batteries = 3: NH3
  2. Lit CAR, FRQ, or IND: KOH
  3. No ports and SN has vowel: LiOH
  4. Acid formula has letter in common with indicator: KOH
    • HBr (red): BOB or indicator with R
    • HF (yellow): FRK or FRQ
    • HCl (green): CAR or CLR
    • HI (blue): IND or SIG
  5. D > AA: NH3
  6. Otherwise:
    • Yellow or green: NaOH
    • Red or blue: LiOH

Everything else:

Color Base Filter Factors
Red NH3 No v/5 2 (4)
KOH Filter v/5 3 (1)
LiOH Filter v/5 2 (4)
Yellow NH3 Filter v/5 2 (4)
Green NH3 Filter v/5 3
Blue NH3 No v/5 2 (4)

With v as the amount in the module, multiply the factors to obtain the final volume.

A number (x) in parentheses is valued based on which of Battery Holders, Port Types or Indicators are more present in the bomb:

  • Battery Holders: 4
  • Port Types: 2
  • Indicators: 1
  • If there is a tie for first: x