On the Subject of Neutralizing Neutrinos

When the light hits your eye like a subatomic pie, that’s neutrinooo...

Calculate three values as follows. In each row, concatenate the digits abc and take the result modulo m.

a b c m
Battery holders mod 10 Ports mod 10 1 301
Port plates mod 10 Batteries mod 10 2 302
Unlit indicators mod 10 Lit indicators mod 10 3 333

Run each value through the following formula, obtaining T and N. The value for dist can be found in the “Planet distances” table below.

T = floor(round(1000000*dist/round(1000000/sqrt(1000000-round(1000-5/6*abc)^2)))/round(1000-5/6*abc))

For each neutrino, start with N = T mod 10 + 1 and proceed as follows:

  1. In the table below, start in the center of the current flavor.
  2. If the condition is true, subtract 1 from N.
  3. If N = 0, the current flavor is the new flavor.
  4. Otherwise, move up (anti-neutrino) or down (neutrino), wrapping around.
  5. Repeat steps 2–5.
Planet distances
Planet name Distance
Mercury 387
Venus 723
Earth 1000
Mars 1524
Jupiter 5203
Saturn 9582
Uranus 19201
Neptune 30047
e first time here
this is an anti-neutrino
serial number contains ‘E’
τ serial number contains ‘T’
planet is closer than Jupiter
more than 2 ports
μ more than 2 batteries
serial number contains ‘M’
not first time here

In ascending order of the neutrinos’ T values, submit the new flavors. Anti-neutrinos remain anti-neutrinos.