On the Subject of Nonograms

Who in the world puts a newspaper puzzle on an explosive device?

  • Each column and row has two colors at the top and at the left side of the grid; only one color can be displayed at a time. Use the exclamation ("!") button to switch colors.
  • Using the table below, get the numbered clues for each column and row by looking up the combination of the colors. The order the colors appear in the module does not matter.
  • Fill in the squares in the grid accordingly to the numbered clues;
    • A number represents a set of adjacent squares that must be filled for that specific column or row.
    • Multiple numbers represent multiple sets of squares separated with at least an unfilled square that must be in same order as the numbers.
    • Numbers in the table are given from top to bottom or left to right.
  • The dot button ("") is used to flag squares as unfilled as a reminder.
  • Pressing on a color will fill, clear or place dots in the column or row.
  • Pressing the clear ("×") button twice in a row will clear the grid.
  • Once the nonogram is complete, press the "SUBMIT" button.
If the last digit of the serial number is... Numbered Clue
odd even
Yellow & Orange Blue & Orange 1
Green & Purple Red & Blue 2
Blue & Orange Yellow & Orange 3
Blue & Yellow Red & Green 4
Red & Green Green & Yellow 5
Red & Orange Orange & Purple 1 1
Blue & Green Green & Orange 1 2
Blue & Purple Green & Purple 1 3
Yellow & Purple Yellow & Purple 2 1
Green & Yellow Blue & Purple 2 2
Red & Blue Red & Orange 3 1
Red & Yellow Red & Purple 1 1 1
None of the above