On the Subject of Not Colored Switches

Bringing the cold.

A Not Colored Switches module will start with all five switches toggled down, as well as all of the bottom LEDs lit up white.

Upon flipping a single switch upwards, the bottom LEDs will turn orange, and the top LEDs will start flashing. The five LEDs together will act as a Marquee display, showing one letter, scrolling from top to bottom. However, the letters being displayed have been encrypted based on the color of the switch that has been flipped.

  • Red Atbash cipher (A0Z25, subtract from 25)
  • Green Rot13 cipher (add 13, modulo 26)
  • Blue Caesar shifted forwards based on switch position (modulo 26)
  • Orange Caesar shifted backwards based on switch position (modulo 26)
  • Purple Affine ×5 cipher (A0Z25, multiply by 5, modulo 26)
  • Turquoise No change

The module has chosen one of the words from the word list below, shuffled its letter order, and taken one letter out. The remaining five letters are shown through the LEDs. The letter that has been taken out must be submitted.

To enter submission phase, toggle the switches so that more than one switch is flipped up. At this point, the bottom LEDs will turn red.

Then, convert the missing letter's alphabetic position (A0Z25) to binary. Toggle the switches so that a switch flipped up represents a 1 and a switch flipped down represents a 0.

To submit your binary, toggle the same switch twice consecutively. The set of switches after toggling the switch twice will be your submission. (The most recent switch will have an orange LED underneath it for your convenience.)

Submitting the incorrect binary will incur a strike and flip all the switches down, but the module will not reset. Submitting the correct binary will disarm the module.


Appendix NCSWL: