On the Subject of Not Connection Check

Is this some kind of circuit visualisation I see before me?

  • This module contains 4 number pairs placed on each side of 4 LEDs and a ''Check'' button.
  • To disarm this module, you must follow these steps:
    1. Hold each LED to receive a looping Morse code transmission of a single character.
      • The gaps in the transmission are the same colour as the LED when not selected.
    2. Apply the characters' corresponding operations to the pair of digits at either side of their LEDs.
    3. Press the button labelled “Check” to change the state of the module, turning the LEDs red.
    4. Press the LEDs in the correct order given by the last digit of the serial number and the outputs of the operations.
  • If the LEDs are pressed in the wrong order, the module will return to its initial state.
CharacterMorse CodeOperation
+.-.-.The last digit of the sum.
--....-The absolute difference.
..-.-.-The additive digital root of the product.
:---...The integer part of the larger digit divided by the smaller digit.
/-..-.The remainder of the larger digit divided by the smaller digit.
_..--.-Bitwise XOR on the last three bits.
=-...-Bitwise XNOR on the last three bits.
,--..--Index into the table on the right.
The first digit is the row from bottom to top.
The second digit is the column from left to right.
Last digit of serial numberOrder
1Odd ascending, then even ascending
2Even ascending, then odd descending
3Odd descending, then even ascending
4Even descending, then odd descending
6Even ascending, then odd ascending
7Odd ascending, then even descending
8Even descending, then odd ascending
9Odd descending, then even descending