On the Subject of Not Poker

If a bomb with this module were found in a casino and needed disarming, do you think they’d make an exception to their strict ban on card counting?

See Appendix PK71 in Poker for hand rankings.

Hand obtainedButton 1Button 2
No HandFoldTruth
Two PairCheckTruth
Three of a KindBluff
StraightMin RaiseTruth
Full HouseMax RaiseTruth
Four of a KindBluff
Straight FlushAll-InTruth
Royal FlushBluff
  • Find the deck of cards corresponding to the first character of the serial number below.
  • Within that deck, find the card displayed on the module. (Note: If this card is A♠, K♥, 5♦ or 2♣, you are looking at a different module.)
  • Move forward a number of cards equal to the second character of the serial number. Convert letters using A1Z26. Remove this card from the deck.
  • Move forward again from the next card and repeat this process with each remaining serial number character, thus obtaining a hand of 5 cards.
  • Press Buttons 1 and 2 obtained from the table on the right.
  • After Button 1, a phrase will appear on the display which can be safely ignored.