On the Subject of Not Text Field

It’s trivial. Just 6 letters out there, each with only 5 rules! Wait, what did you say? It’s more complicated than that?

  • There will be a 3×4 field of letters with 4 distinct letters. One of the letters will appear 9 times, while each other letter only appears once.
  • To begin, press the letters which appear once in alphabetical order.
  • Three more letters will appear. Press these in a certain order. Repeat this until every cell is pressed.
If the ... is even, Then: Else:
A # of batteries Red Green
B # of ports Red Blue
C # of lit indicators Green Red
D # of unlit indicators Green Blue
E First serial # digit Blue Red
F Last serial # digit Blue Green
  • Use the diagram according to the letter which appeared 9 times.
  • Take the first unique letter in alphabetical order and find it within the diagram.
  • Follow the arrow according to the first pressed letter of the previous stage in the table.
  • Do this with the second and third accordingly. These are the mapped letters.
  • Once all three letters have had their mappings determined, press them based on their mapped letters in alphabetical order.
  • If multiple letters have the same mapped letter, order them by their displayed letter.