On the Subject of Not The Plunger Button

Everything can go wrong.

This module has a large red button on it with white text that does NOT say "PUSH ME!". If it does, you are looking at a different module.

The button on the module is an on/off push button. When pushed into the on state, the background of the module will rapidly flash three different colors.

To solve the module, push the button into the off state when the bomb's timer contains a certain number. To find this number, follow the steps below.

Pushing the button into the off state when the bomb's timer does not contain the number will result in a strike. Any strike received, including on other modules, will reset this module.

Step 1: Mixing Colors

Take one of the three rapidly flashing colors and using the diagram below determine which RGB components are present in this color and which are not. Take the other remaining colors and perform the same action to each. Now take two sets of these components. Using one as an anchor, for each non-anchor component with a present state change the corresponding anchor component to its opposite state. Now take the current states of the anchor and perform the same action with the last remaining set of components. The current states of the anchor when put back into the diagram will give the required color for step two.

Step 2: Color Hex Codes

Using the color received in step one, find its corresponding hex code from the table below. Go through each character in the hex code after the '#' and determine if it is in the serial number. If it is, add one to a counter. After going through all characters, the counter will be the number required for step three.

Black Red Green Blue
#1A1817 #D71E1E #42E520 #0F1DB3
Cyan Magenta Yellow White
#39E2E1 #F208F5 #CED707 #FFFFFF

Step 3: Text Offset

The text shown on the button corresponds to an offset in the table below that needs to be applied to the number found in step two. If the number goes below 0, add 10. The final number after applying the offset is the desired number.

-3 -2 -1 0
+1 +2