The diagram shows a panel with three letters along the left, three numbers along the right and three criss-crossing wires linking them.
                        There are up and down arrows surrounding the panel and four LEDs to the right.

On the Subject of Numbering Words Sequentially in Not Wire Sequences

Yes, this manual does defeat the purpose of the module, but I know we have all broken a little hearing "45".

The0. 30. colour1. 31. of2. 32. each3. 33. wire4. 34. represents5. 35. a6. 36. paragraph7. 37. within8. 38. this9. 39. manual10. 40., and11. 41. each12. 42. number13. 43. on14. 44. the15. 45. right16. 46. corresponds17. 47. to18. 48. the19. 49. word20. 50. at21. that22. position23. into24. the25. paragraph26. , indexing27. from28. zero29. .
There0. will1. always2. be3. three4. wires5. on6. each7. panel8. . For9. each10. pair11. of12. letter13. and14. number15. connected16. by17. a18. wire19. , index20. that21. many22. words23. into24. the25. paragraph26. indicated27. by28. the29. colour30. of31. the32. wire33. , and34. if35. the36. word37. located38. contains39. the40. letter41. connected42. to43. the44. wire45. , cut46. it47. . Otherwise48. , leave49. it50. alone. Repeat the procedure mentioned for all twelve wires.
After0. 41. all1. 42. wires2. 43. necessary3. 44. have4. 45. been5. 46. cut6. 47. , press7. 48. the8. 49. down9. 50. button10. to11. move12. on13. to14. the15. next16. panel17. . The18. module19. will20. be21. disarmed22. after23. all24. four25. panels26. have27. had28. their 29. required30. wires31. cut32. . Cutting33. an34. incorrect35. wire36. will37. register38. a39. strike40. .
The0. 35. first1. 36. word2. 37. of3. 38. each4. 39. paragraph5. 40. will6. 41. be7. 42. bolded8. 43. , and9. 44. the10. 45. last11. 46. word12. 47. of13. 48. each14. 49. paragraph15. 50. will16. be17. underlined18. . This19. is20. to21. ensure22. that23. the24. boundaries25. between26. each27. body28. of29. text30. are31. very32. clearly33. established34. .
When0. locating1. a2. word3. from4. a5. paragraph6. , start7. from8. the9. first10. word11. at12. zero13. , and14. count15. along16. until17. you18. have19. reached20. the21. desired22. number23. . If24. the25. number26. given27. is28. larger29. than30. the31. amount32. of33. words34. in35. the36. paragraph37. , move38. back39. to40. the41. first42. word43. of44. the45. paragraph46. after47. you48. have49. reached50. the end.