The diagram shows a panel with three letters along the left, three numbers along the right and three criss-crossing wires linking them.
                        There are up and down arrows surrounding the panel and four LEDs to the right.

On the Subject of Not Wire Sequences

It’s hard to say how this manual works. The writing is somewhat clear, but there must have been an easier way to manage twelve wires.

The colour of each wire represents a paragraph within this manual, and each number on the right corresponds to the word at that position into the paragraph, indexing from zero.
There will always be three wires on each panel. For each pair of letter and number connected by a wire, index that many words into the paragraph indicated by the colour of the wire, and if the word located contains the letter connected to the wire, cut it. Otherwise, leave it alone. Repeat the procedure mentioned for all twelve wires.
After all wires necessary have been cut, press the down button to move on to the next panel. The module will be disarmed after all four panels have had their required wires cut. Cutting an incorrect wire will register a strike.
The first word of each paragraph will be bolded, and the last word of each paragraph will be underlined. This is to ensure that the boundaries between each body of text are very clearly established.
When locating a word from a paragraph, start from the first word at zero, and count along until you have reached the desired number. If the number given is larger than the amount of words in the paragraph, move back to the first word of the paragraph after you have reached the end.

Use the highlighter to highlight words in the above text.