The diagram shows six horizontal wires running between a line of slots on the left and a longer line on the right.

On the Subject of Not Wireswords

Wires are the main features of KTaNE! Wait, no, Simon is the norm. Wires are more like the second or third. Morse? No matter...

A Not Wiresword module will always have 6 wires on it. Each wire represents a letter, and to disarm the module, you must cut the wires so that the order in which the wires have been cut spells a valid password. If two or more wires represent the same letter, always cut them in order from top to bottom.

Skip any wires that have already been cut incorrectly, taking into account the order of wires representing repeated letters. For example, if the first two wires each represent T and the second has been cut, the first must still be cut for the first T, and the second T is skipped.

Use the tables below to determine the letter for each wire. On colourblind-friendly modules, the wires may have patterns that can be used to determine the colours.

If the serial number contains a vowel:


If the serial number does not contain a vowel:


Here is a list of all possible passwords.

  • almost
  • answer
  • around
  • assert
  • bother
  • bundle
  • cancel
  • choose
  • course
  • demand
  • easily
  • expert
  • facade
  • family
  • faulty
  • health
  • hollow
  • inform
  • inject
  • insert
  • inside
  • jacket
  • jockey
  • kindly
  • ladder
  • latent
  • magnet
  • manual
  • market
  • nickel
  • notice
  • number
  • occult
  • octave
  • paddle
  • parent
  • parsec
  • patent
  • person
  • policy
  • public
  • racket
  • random
  • search
  • second
  • should
  • tackle
  • tangle
  • topple
  • tricky
  • undone
  • unisex
  • verbal
  • victor
  • within
  • worded