On the Subject of Not X-Rays

You can’t hear left around me.

  • A symbol is revealed in the window by an x-ray scanner. The scanner shows a thin section of the symbol. If there are multiple symbols, you are looking at a different module.
  • The symbol corresponds to your position in one of the eight grids below. Press the buttons labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4 at will to move orthogonally within the grid and determine which button moves in which direction. The symbol appearing in the scanner will change to reflect your new position. The grid wraps around both horizontally and vertically.
  • Travel to the center of the grid. The scanner will show your goal symbol. If the last button pressed was even, the symbol is scanned top to bottom, otherwise bottom to top. Press 5 on this space and observe the scanner’s new color.
  • From now on, do not cross the thick lines in the grid.
  • Find the goal symbol in the grid. If the scanner color is red, travel to the topmost occurrence of the symbol; for yellow, rightmost; blue, bottommost; and white, leftmost. Rotations and reflections are not considered the same symbol.
  • When you are on the correct space, press 5 again to disarm the module.