On the Subject of Number Nimbleness

How long can such a task really take?
  • Initially, the module will be in an Off state. To initialize the module, click on the static. This will put the module in Warm-Up mode.

  • While in Warm-Up, the module will show a line with a mini-game name, and a clock ticking upwards. Clicking the static at this point will put the module into Gameplay mode. The mini-game name listed will inform what set of rules the module will use after entering Gameplay.
  • Once the module has entered Gameplay, the timer will start ticking down, from whatever time it showed when Warm-Up was ended**. When the timer expires the module will be checked. If any input was wrong or incomplete, the module will strike; otherwise, a win will be recorded. Upon the third win, the module will disarm. After any other win, the module will go back into Warm-Up automatically.
  • In Gameplay, the module will display a single digit number in the top, and six buttons displaying unique digits. Based on what mini-game name is being played, one of five sets of rules will apply. For each mini-game, press all the buttons following the rules until each button/number has been pressed once. If any number to be pressed is not on the module, skip to the next number that would need to be pressed.
Mini-Game Rules
Nagging Numbers Click the number in the display.
Nebulous Numbers Click the button one higher than the current display, then two higher than the new display, then three higher than the newest display, etc. If a number exceeds 9, take the number modulo 10.
Nifty Numbers Click the following numbers in order: 8, 3, 4, 7, 2, 0, 9, 1, 5, 6.
Nonary Numbers Click the number that, when added to the number in the display, will add to 9.
Nuisance Numbers Click the number in the display. Then twice that number, modulo 11. Then thrice that number, modulo 11, etc.
*In all mini-games except Nuisance Numbers, the display can/will change after each button press.
**After earning wins, the clock will count up at normal speed, but DOWN at a faster pace. It represents full seconds at 0 wins, 3/4 seconds at 1 win, and 1/2 seconds at 2 wins.