On the Subject of Number Pads

Try putting in 0000. No? Try 0001. Still not working? We might be here for a while...

See Appendix A for indicator identification reference.

See Appendix B for battery identification reference.

See Appendix C for port identification reference.

  • Enter a 4-digit code using the numbered buttons.
  • Press the green button labelled ENT to submit the entered code.
  • Press the red button labelled CLR to discard the entered code.
  • Perform the first action that applies on each level.
  • The CLR and ENT buttons' colors are to be ignored.

Using the wheel chart, starting from the center, pick a path by following the instructions below for each level you are on. (center level is 1, next one out is 2, etc.) Each path you take is the code digit corresponding to its level number unless contradicted by higher levels' instructions. Follow the final instructions after you complete all four levels.

On the first level, the paths are in order from the upper-right corner going clockwise. On the rest of the levels, they are also in clockwise order.

Level 1:

  • If three or more of the numbered buttons are colored yellow, take the first path.
  • If all three of the numbered buttons 4, 5, and 6 are colored white, blue, or red, take the second path.
  • If the serial number contains a vowel, take the third path.
  • Otherwise, take the fourth path.

Level 2:

  • If there are at least two blue numbered buttons and at least three green buttons, take the first path.
  • If the numbered button 5 isn't blue nor white, take the second path.
  • If there are fewer than two ports on the bomb, take the third path.
  • Otherwise, take the fourth path, and if the top row of buttons contains a green button, subtract 1 from the first digit (if it's 0, it becomes 9).

Level 3:

  • If there are more than two white numbered buttons and more than two yellow numbered buttons, take the first path.
  • Otherwise, take the second path and reverse the current 3-digit code.

Level 4:

  • If there are 2 or fewer yellow numbered buttons, take the first path and add 1 to each digit (if a digit is 9, it becomes 0).
  • Otherwise, take the second path.

Final Instructions:

(follow all instructions in this order)

  • If the last digit of the serial number is even, swap the first and third digits.
  • If there are an odd number of batteries, swap the second and third digits.
  • If neither of the above criteria is met, swap the first and fourth digits.
  • Finally, if the sum of all the digits in the code is even, reverse the code.

Wheel Chart


Colorblind helper: Hold the CLR button.