On the Subject of Object Shows

According to my imagination, 99.8% of all bombs are detonated within 2 seconds of being started!

This module contains 6 objects, each participating in an object show. Based on a contest that takes place in each stage, eliminate contestants until there is only one left. Click a contestant to eliminate them. The contest is displayed in the middle. Associate each contestant with a character of the serial number, starting from the top left and going clockwise. If you encounter a character that has already been assigned, move forwards in the alphabet until you reach a character that hasn’t, looping over if necessary. (Numbers come after Z, starting at 0.) Calculate each contestant’s public appeal in the same order, adding 1 to each appeal until you reached an unassigned number should you encounter a duplicate.

Each different contest is associated with both a “type” and a “style”. Consult the table below to identify them. (Rows are styles, columns are types.)

Race Creativity Battle Athleticism
Water Wipeout Underwater Basket Weaving Water Balloon Fight Cave Diving
Stadium Chariot Race Equestrian Acrobatics Gladiatorial Fight The Objective Games
Wild Escape the Volcano Jungle Survival Tiger Taming Cliff Climbing
Weird Sack Race Interpretive Dance Nose Nabbing Calvinball

Find the position the character associated with each contestant currently present on the module in the appropriate string based on this table. The digit 0 (zero) is surrounded by dashes to distinguish it from the letter O.

Type: String:

If the style is Water or Stadium, read the string normally. If it is Wild or Weird, read it backwards.

The positions of the relevant characters in string corresponds to the score of the contestant. In stage 1, the contestants with the 3 lowest scores are up for elimination. In stages 2 and 3, the contestants with the 2 lowest scores are up for elimination. In stage 4, the contestant with the lowest score must be eliminated. In stage 5, the character with the lower public appeal must be eliminated.

When a set of characters are up for elimination, observe their public appeals. The contestant with the lowest public appeal must be eliminated.

Contestant: Name: Public Appeal: Contestant: Name: Public Appeal:
Battleship (Indicators + batteries) % 7 Jack O’ Lantern Port plates
Beer Needies Lego Unlit indicators
Big Circle Parallel + DVI ports Moon PS/2 ports
Black Hole 3rd SN char + 6th Necronomicon 5th SN char, % 10****
Block Serial ports Paint Brush Indicators that share a letter with SN
Bulb Indicators Radio AA batteries
Calendar Digital root of SN digits Resistor Sum of SN digits
Contestant: Name: Public Appeal: Contestant: Name: Public Appeal:
Clock Parallel + serial ports Rubik’s Clock Digital root of sum of SN letters****
Combination Lock Two-factor codes Rubik’s Cube RJ ports
Cookie Jar Modules % 10 Snooker Ball Modules with “color”*****
Domino Lit indicators Sphere D batteries
Fidget Spinner Starting time in minutes* Sticky Note Day of week***
Hypercube Batteries Stopwatch Digital root of starting time in seconds
Ice Cream Last SN digit Sun Modules with “simon”, “maze”, or “morse”**
iPhone Battery holders Tennis Racket 4th SN char, % 10****

* Round down.
** In the name of the module.
*** Sunday = 1, Saturday = 7, based on when bomb was started.
**** Use the position of the letter in the alphabet. (A = 1, B = 2, etc.)
***** In the name of the module — “colour” and “colo(u)r” are also accepted.