On the Subject of Old Fogey

“These kids today with their shiny mods and their newfangled needies. Twenty Comp Wires and twenty Knobs. Now that’s real KTaNE.”

Now, listen: don't blame Old Fogey. He's been through a lot... I know, I know, he kinda forgot how to solve itself... But don't worry, he sure remembers how to strike you!

Old Fogey has ten buttons, each marked with a symbol, a submit button, labeled "●", and a display. He's a bit confused, so the status light should be lit up with a random color.

You may press any of the symbol buttons without causing a strike. Again, Old Fogey isn't young anymore and, for each button press, instead of playing the regular button press sound, Old Fogey will play a random Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes sound. Also, the color of the status light will temporarily change.

To solve the module, you need to trick Old Fogey into solving itself. When ready, press the submit button and then a sequence of four symbol buttons that results in Old Fogey playing the correct solve sound and changing the status light to green. Old Fogey may be old, but he's not senile, so he will detect something's up if you input a wrong sequence and give you a strike.

It is suggested that the defuser use no soundpacks for this module unless the defuser already knows when each sound is played at.

Calculating Solve Sound

Old Fogey has installed in himself five audio tapes containing all Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes vanilla sound effects. In order to determine the correct solve sound, look at the status light color corresponding to the "❖" button. Use the table below to determine what audio tape has the correct solve sound. Any track of that tape can be the correct solve sound.

Color Tape
Red 1
Green 2
Blue 3
Yellow, Cyan or Magenta 4
White or Unlit 5

The installed tapes are the following:

Tape 1
Track Nº Track Name
1 Button Press
2 Button Release
3 Wire Snip
4 Strike
5 Wire Seq. Mechanism
Tape 3
Track Nº Track Name
1 Timer Beep
2 Capacitor Pop
3 Long Light Buzz
4 Short Light Buzz
5 Selection Tick
Tape 2
Track Nº Track Name
1 Needy Activated
2 Needy Warning
3 Emergency Alarm
4 Alarm Clock Beep
5 Alarm Clock Snooze
Tape 4
Track Nº Track Name
1 Bomb Defused
2 Bomb Exploded
3 Correct Chime
4 Typewriter Key
5 Game Over Fanfare
Tape 5
Track Nº Track Name
1 Light Switch
2 Stamp
3 Bomb Drop
4 Briefcase Open
5 Page Turn

If a symbol button input sequence contains buttons with corresponding sounds from the same tape or with the same track number, Old Fogey will strike you. Otherwise, Old Fogey will play the sound corresponding to the unused tape with the unused track number. If that is not a valid solve sound, Old Fogey will strike you.

Calculating Status Light Color

Each symbol button is associated with a status light color. The possible colors are: red, blue, green, yellow, cyan, magenta, white or unlit.

Consider each possible color as a sum of three components: red, blue and green, as shown in the picture below:

After each symbol button press during sequence input, for each component present in the button's corresponding color, Old Fogey will add that component to the status light current color if the component was absent and will subtract it if the component was present. If the status light color at the end of the input sequence is not green, Old Fogey will strike you.