On the Subject of One Links To All

So there's this theory that you can get from any Wikipedia article to another through just the hyperlinks in each article alone... Well let's test that theory!

This module has four displays with the ones on the top and bottom displaying a title of a random Wikipedia article, the leftmost middle one for displaying an article counter, the rightmost middle one for displaying user input, a keypad for entering user input, an add (+) button, a minus (-) button, a clear button, a delete button, and a submit button.

To solve this module, open up the Wikipedia article with the title from the top display. Navigate from this article to the article with the title from the bottom display using only hyperlinks that go to another Wikipedia article. Wikipedia pages with a prefix like "Talk:" or "User:" do not count as articles. Be sure to note down the title of each article passed along the way. Once the article with the title from the bottom display has been navigated to, input the title of the first article passed using the keypad and pressing the add button to add the next article if there is one. If a redirect was ever encountered, be sure to input the title of the article redirected from and to. Keep adding articles until the last one passed, and then do not press add again. Attempting to add an article when the user input is empty will not do anything. If a mistake was made while inputting the clear or delete button may be pressed to clear all input or remove the most recent character from the input display. Pressing the minus button will remove the most recently added article (as long as the article counter is not 1) and pressing the submit button will check the set of passed articles. If no articles were passed by to get from start to finish, then just press submit with the article counter at 1 and an empty user input. Once the check is complete, a '✓' will appear in the user input, and pressing submit again will reveal the result of the check.

As a substitute to the keypad and buttons, a keyboard may be used instead. This will only work if the module is being played on a PC and the module is focused on.

If a set of passed articles is submitted that does not lead from the starting to ending article in that order then a strike will be recorded but the module WILL NOT reset.

NOTE: The module may take time to get the articles and check submission as it connects with Wikipedia. If the module fails any of the processes, it will display an error. Press submit to solve the module if this happens.

Keypad Key

Cp - Capital Letters
Lw - Lowercase Letters
Dm - Diacritic Letters (i.e. é ī ñ)
Mc - Miscellaneous Symbols (i.e. 3 ⌴ -)
⌴ - Space

Keyboard Key

Up Arrow - Add button
Down Arrow - Minus button
Backspace - Delete button
Delete - Clear button
Enter/Return - Submit button