On the Subject of Orange Arrows

Multiple points... Many, many points.

On the module are 4 directional buttons, 3 LEDS, and a display screen in the middle.

If the buttons are not Orange, you're looking at a different module.

On the display a sequence of arrows will flash ranging from 5 to 12 arrows in the sequence. Input this sequence of arrows into the module via its arrow buttons exactly as it is presented (a long pause signals the start of the sequence). HOWEVER, every fourth arrow in the sequence should be inputted as the opposite of what is shown (i.e. an up arrow flash would mean a down arrow input). After the first input the flashes will stop until the sequence is fully entered or a strike is made. Input 3 different sequences into the module (the current sequence is distinguished by the LEDs) and it will be disarmed.

Pressing an incorrect button will register a Strike, and the module will reset itself with a new sequence but not set you back to sequence one if you have passed it already.