On the Subject of Painting

“I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the ‘Mona Lisa' with a two-inch brush.”

After all that hard work defusing bombs, BOB wanted some time to relax and express his creativity. He didn’t take his color blindness into account however, so he is going to need some help.

First off, determine the type of color blindness that BOB has.
Take the first rule that applies*:

  • If the total amount of batteries + indicators + ports + 2 is equal to the amount of characters in the name of one of the color blindness types, use that color blindness type.
  • Otherwise, determine the highest scoring color blindness type based on the number of occurrences of characters that correspond with the distinct set of letters of all indicator labels (lit or unlit). If there is a tie for the top-most score, move on to the next rule. (e.g. MSA + NSA results in the distinct letter set of {A, M, N, S}; this example set against ‘Tritanopia’ would result in a score of 3 (2×A + 1×N)).
  • Otherwise, use the Protanomaly ruleset.

Now swap all colors with their respective colors in the table below. Do this by selecting a color first, then select a field to paint in that color. A wrong color, or painting over a correct color will incur a strike. Also, don’t repaint over a field you have already correctly painted in. This will also incur a strike.

Protanomaly Deuteranomaly Tritanopia
Black → Red Red → Green Blue ⇄ Gray
Brown → Green Blue → Pink Purple ⇄ Black
Orange → Red Green ⇄ Yellow Green → Blue
Blue → Red Pink → Gray Orange ⇄ Red
Green → Orange Purple ⇄ Brown
Purple ⇄ Pink

*: BUT, if you have exactly 2 DVI-D, 1 RJ45 and a lit CLR, BOB would like you to express your own creativity, and change every field into another color of choice.