On the Subject of Passcodes

There's 3 of those and 2 of these so it's 5, which is 'S'... Oh come on, I forgot to subtract one!

There are two distinct types of the passcode module, the 4-digit, and the 6-digit. At the start, a 4-digit passcode module has the first and last LEDs (the lights on the top) yellow and the rest red. A 6-digit passcode module however, has all six LEDs red. To solve the module find all digits of the passcode and enter them into the module as letters. Each digit can be found for each type of passcode using the instructions below and then turned into a letter which is explained in the Entering the digits section. If you enter an incorrect digit, you get a strike and the passcode module switches types. (if it was 4-digit it becomes 6-digit, and vice versa.)


  • 4-Digit Passcode:
    1. The number of batteries on the bomb.
    2. Just 0, unless any lit indicator has a vowel, in which case it is the number of RJ-45 ports plus one. (If you get a number above 9, enter the digit 8)
    3. The number of AA batteries plus the number of PS/2 ports plus two (if you get a number above 9, enter the digit 7).
    4. The tens digit on the bomb's timer (the one that changes every 10 seconds, also called "decasecond"), only multiplied by two if the tens digit is not 5 and there's ONE or TWO of the following indicators (on or off): IND, NSA, MSA, BOB, FRK.
  • 6-Digit Passcode:
    1. Always 8.
    2. The number of 5's and 7's in the Serial #.
    3. The first digit minus the second digit.
    4. The same as a 4-Digit passcode's digit three, minus one.
    5. The same as a 4-Digit passcode's digit two, plus one.
    6. If you have 1 or more strikes, it's the number of strikes plus one, times the number of strikes, then subtract one. Otherwise, if you have 0 strikes, then enter 9. (If the answer is more than nine, subtract 5 from the answer until it is less than 5 and then multiply by 2)

Entering the digits

Use the following tables to identify which letters to press for each passcode digit. Only one letter for each digit will be present on the module.

Use this table if the number of ports in the bomb is not even.

Number Keys to press
0 A, B.
1 C, K, Z.
2 J, P.
3 E, F, L.
4 G, O, M.
5 W, Y, S.
6 Q, R.
7 D, T, U.
8 I, V, N.
9 H, X.

Use this table if the number of ports in the bomb is not odd.

Number Keys to press
0 W, Y, M.
9 Q, R, S.
8 D, T.
7 I, V, U.
6 H, X.
5 A, B, N.
4 C, K.
3 J, P, Z.
2 E, F, L.
1 G, O.