On the Subject of Password Destroyer

Who said that 7 digit passwords are weak?

A password is required to be entered.

The password required to be entered is a 7 digit PIN, using only the numbers 0-9.

Due to the nature of it being a weak password, some measures are taken in order to preserve its security.

As a result of that, the password changes every second.

The module is designed strictly to block unauthorized access, to make sure it is never bypassed.


This module contains three displays, a number pad, a clear (CLR) button, a submit (SUB) button.

The displays show the:-

  • Current number, and input entered (if any).
    (top display)
  • Two Factor Identification and current local time.
    (middle-left display)
  • Elapsed time of the module.
    (bottom-left display)

If a display shows multiple pieces of information, the display will cycle between the pieces of information every 5 seconds.

The clear button clears the input and the submit button submits the input.

Section I: Top Display

The display refreshes every second and will show the current raw value (Rv).

Section II: Middle Left Display

The middle display cycles between Two Factor Authentification Service Two (2FAST™), and current local time.

Section II Subsection I: Two Factor Authentification Service Two (2FAST™)

Remember it? It's back.

The display shows a six digit number for two factor authentication.
The number refreshes every 240 seconds, for security.

The six bars along the left of the display indicates the duration before the 2FAST™ resets.

Section II Subsection II: Current Local Time

The display will show the current local time, according to desktop.

Section III: Bottom Left Display

This display indicates the elapsed time since the module has begun.

Thus, it counts up from 0 seconds after the bomb activates.

Additionally, you can interact with the display to pause the display, along with the top display.
NOTE: This will NOT stop the actual elapsed time.

Section IV: Pre-Modifications

The raw value is calculated with the formula below:

Rv = [Sv + (If ✕ t)] mod 10,000,000

Sv = The starting value when the numbers are generated
If = The increase factor, which is a constant (-1,000,000 ≤ If ≤ 1,000,000)
= Elapsed time (in seconds)

Section V: The Modifications

Take all serial number characters, treat them as base-36 characters and convert them into decimals.

Multiply all six numbers together to get the Bomb Serial Number (BSN), if at any point you are trying to multiply by 0, multiply by 1 instead.

Take all the digits of Sv (ignore 0s), and multiply the digits together to get the Module Serial Number (MSN).

Obtain two numbers (TFA1 and TFA2) from the original 2FAST™ using the formula below:

TFA1 = ⌊ 2FAST™ ⁄ 1,000 ⌋ - 100 || TFA2 = Digital root of ( 2FAST™ mod 1,000 )

To prevent overcomplication on how to obtain the calculated value, Cv, the method is compressed into a single formula:

Cv = Rv + TFA1 * BSN + TFA2 * MSN + t

Section VI: Final switches position

Using the current local date and time^, refer to tables below to determine which switch is required to be in down position.

Day\Month 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
0108152229 123232131112
0209162330 221112312332
0310172431 213212233313
04111825 122332321123
05121926 113333122113
06132027 113222131132
07142128 111312121323

Minute\Hour 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
002040 121212312321
012141 312311211232
022242 121333222123
032343 312312123331
042444 222213222313
052545 221313332132
062646 123312331332
072747 313111321131
082848 332132111311
092949 222232323213
103050 322231132323
113151 132231333311
123252 321231222322
133353 233231311332
143454 112233322222
153555 121312123132
163656 311132132232
173757 312121333312
183858 233333321212
193959 131111321232

^Calculated when "Submit" button is pressed.

Section VII: Final Modifications

Take the ratio of solved modules to number of solvable modules^ and multiply it by the final calculated value.

Take the value calculated at this point, Cv and refer to the equation below:

Final Value, Fv = Cv ✕ Solved Percentage* ⌋ % 10,000,000

*Solved Percentage is defined as percentage of solve modules over total modules, which is equal to max ( ⌊ number of solved modulesnumber of modules ✕ 100%⌋, 1%).

Section VIII: Upon Submission

Prepend zeros upon submission.
To further improve the security, password can be only be submitted when the last digit of the displayed elapsed time is equal to the first rule that applies in the table below:

Last digit Condition
0 The last digit of the serial number is zero.
1 The first digit of the serial number is one.
2 Module The Twin is present.
3 2FAST™ is a multiple of 3.
4 There are more than 4 batteries on the bomb.
5 2FAST™ is divisible by 5.
6 The percentage of solved modules is 60% or more.
7 There are any indicators that share a letter with "SEVEN".
8 There are more than 8 ports on the bomb.
9 (Always true)

Submit the correct password on correct time to solve the module. When there are at least one button was pressed, the middle left screen will display "INPUT".

If incorrect input was submitted, the module will give a strike, and the input will be cleared.
The module will also strike when too many digits were submitted.

^Calculated when "Submit" button is pressed.

Section IX: Upon Reset

The module will full reset every 40 minutes.

If there are one or more resets, the middle left display cycles an additional information in red.

The display will indicate when did the new info was generated on.

The elapsed time that is used for calculating Rv will be restarted to zero, since a new Sv was generated. Use the displayed elapsed time for other calculations.