On the Subject of Pathfinders

Now entering: Lethal Lava Land. To tourists wishing to see the volcano, please take care with where you walk.

You are a tourist, going to see the volcano in an igneous area. The path to the volcano has some levitating slabs of rock above a stream of lava and some may have fallen into the lava below.

Each slab has a number on it and stepping onto a slab will cause its number to decrease by 1. If a slab's number decreases to 0, it will fall into the lava below after you step off of it.

You could just take a direct path to the other side, however the person behind you in line has been giving you a bit of an earful, so you're planning to make all of the slabs fall into the lava to cut off their route to the volcano.

Also, to reduce the likelihood of someone falling into the lava stream, the tourism group forbids turning around on the slabs or moving diagonally.

You are on the top left slab and you can get onto the other side of the stream at the bottom right. You must end at the bottom right to solve the module.

Luckily, you can reset the positions of all of the slabs by using the reset pillar to the right. This will also reset your position back to the top left again.

This module can't strike, so don't worry about messing up or anything.