On the Subject of Pattern Cubes

Do I get any hint coins? Come on, it’s the Dropstone 50th Anniversary!

Group 1

Group 2

Top Cube
Either Cube
Bottom Cube

Interactive Net

  • Select one of the tools or symbol stamps below the net then click on the net to use that tool or stamp.
  • Use one of the symbol stamps to place/remove a symbol.
  • Shift-click a square or use the Rotate tool to rotate clockwise, Ctrl-click for counter-clockwise.
  • Use the Net Rotation buttons to rotate the whole net.
  • Highlight a cube from Group 1 on the previous page, and one from Group 2, to view them on this page.
  • Use the Net tool to mark/unmark a square as part of the given net.
  • Drag using the Net tool to mark/unmark several squares.
  • Use the Have tool to mark which symbols are present or which squares on the net are known.
  • Use the Mark tool to mark which symbol or square on the net is highlighted.
  • Marking a symbol stamp in red or blue also highlights them on page 2.
  • Deselect the Mark or Have tool by clicking them again, clicking Net, or pressing Esc.
  • You can save the current state of the board, reset the squares, reset all saves, or reset everything using the buttons below the board.