On the Subject of Pattern Cubes

Do I get any hint coins? Come on, it’s the Dropstone 50th Anniversary!

  • The module shows a net[1] for a cube and a selection bar of 5 symbols on the left. Take note of these symbols.
  • One of the squares in the net is prefilled with a sixth symbol. Take note of that symbol and its orientation (rotation).
  • The following page contains arrays of pictures of cubes with symbols on them, arranged in two groups.
  • Choose one picture from Group 1 and one from Group 2 in such a way that all 6 symbols from the module are present.
  • The two pictures thusly obtained show different perspectives of the same cube. Deduce the location and orientation of each symbol on the cube.
  • One symbol in the selection bar and one of the unfilled squares are highlighted in red. The highlighted symbol must be placed in the highlighted square, but you must first deduce its correct orientation.
  • Tap a symbol in the selection bar to select it. A green frame indicates which symbol is selected.
  • Tap the selected symbol to rotate it.
  • Then tap a square in the net to place the selected symbol. Do not tap a square in the net when no symbol is selected.
  • To disarm the module, the 5 symbols from the selection bar must be placed in the correct squares in the correct orientation (rotation) so that the net corresponds to the cube.

Group 1

Group 2