On the Subject of Pattern Locks

You know those weird locks people have on their phones sometimes? It’s like one of those, but more annoying.

  • There will be nine circles, of which one is red, one is green, and one is blue.
  • Red is always square one, but the module is sometimes rotated. The rest of the circles’ corresponding numbers follow the pattern below if red is in the top left. Otherwise, rotate the pattern such that square one is in the location of the red circle.
  • The green and blue circles determine what pattern needs to be input. In the chart on the following page, the position of the green determines the row, and the position of the blue determines the column.
  • The images in the chart treat square one as if in the top left. This may not be the case on your bomb.
  • Clicking two adjacent circles will connect them. After that, continue drawing the pattern by clicking circles adjacent to the previously-clicked ones. Do not retrace your steps or connect non-adjacent circles.
  • If you make a mistake, you may clear the board with the button labeled “CLR.”
  • Once the pattern is complete, click the button labeled “SUB” to complete the module.