On the Subject of Perspecticolored Squares

There is order in order. A color in the colors. Find it, and all will become clear. But then I had an idea. I used F5. You see, F5 gives me a whole new perspective and I was able to see this Bicolored Squares was not what it seems.

See Appendix of Colored Squares for identifying modules in Colored Squares family.

  • When the bomb is at a certain angle, the squares will change color. If they do not, you are looking at a different module.
  • A knight, bishop and rook are all placed in a random location.
  • These three pieces will move along the grid, swapping colors of the starting and ending squares corresponding to the moves made.
  • For each iteration, each piece can only move once while abiding by the rules. These iterations result in 4 possible board states, with the final iteration corresponding to looking at the module directly or not at any one of the three selected angles. One of the iterations when looked at a certain angle is the initial board.
  • To disarm this module, determine the initial positions of those 3 pieces and press those in any order.
  • Pressing a tile that does not correspond to the initial position of any of the three pieces will result in a strike and clear all correct inputs made up to this point.

Piece Movement Rules

  • On each iteration, no piece must visit a space that has already been visited by another piece or itself. Pieces in their initial position are considered visited.
  • No piece is allowed to stay in the current position as their move.
  • A piece cannot swap squares that are the same color as the color they are on.
  • No two pieces may share the same square for that turn.
  • The board is finite; any moves that would cause the piece to wrap around to the other side is forbidden.
  • The resulting board state for each iteration must all be unique.

Piece Movement Reference

“|ΔX|”: Horizontal Distance (I.E. A2 -> G5, horizontal difference is 6)

“|Δ#|”: Vertical Distance (I.E. A2 -> G5, vertical difference is 3)

Piece Base Condition To Move Visualization
Bishop |ΔX| = |Δ#|
Knight (|ΔX| = 1 ∧ |Δ#| = 2)

(|ΔX| = 2 ∧ |Δ#| = 1)
Rook |ΔX| = 0 ∨ |Δ#| = 0