On the Subject of Phones

Don’t play the devil’s game at the devil’s hour. He’ll probably win.

  • This module contains a rotary dial. To start the module, press the red button in the center.
  • After doing so, seven 3-digit numbers will cycle through the space above the dial.
  • There are six other people playing Trivia Murder Party 2 with you, and each of them will have already dialed a different number by the time the cycle finishes.
  • To solve the module, dial the only number that nobody else has dialed yet.
  • A strike will play the cycle once more.

Every character present in the serial number represents another player. Take the number given by their edgework condition in the table below and multiply it by their position in the serial number (1 through 6) plus 10. Take this number modulo 100, and if it is 0, use 1.

In the order their characters appear in the serial number, each player chooses the first unclaimed number in the cycle that isn’t claimed yet and is a multiple of their calculated number. However, if a player’s module as given by the table below is on the bomb, they choose the last number in the cycle that meets these conditions.

Char: Name: Edgework: Module:
A Arthur Ports Big Circle
B Brooke AA batteries Gridlock
C Chevon Unlit indicators Black Hole
D Dante Battery holders Yellow Arrows
E Ethelgard Lit indicators Radiator
F Florence Port plates Pathfinder
G Gregory D batteries Triamonds
H Hester Indicators Regular Hexpressions
I Isala Batteries Simon Shrieks
J Javier Current month (1 to 12) hexOrbits
K Kevin Solvable Modules Etterna
Char: Name: Edgework: Module:
L Lexi Starting time (minutes) 1D Maze
M Meghan Current month (1 to 12) Scavenger Hunt
N Niamh Unlit indicators Chinese Counting
O Oliver AA batteries Binary Puzzle
P Patrick Batteries Cooking
Q Quentin Battery holders Laundry
R Riley Starting time (minutes) Forget This
S Sabrina Lit indicators Bamboozling Button
T Tambry Solvable modules Brush Strokes
U Ulysses Ports Tennis
V Via Port plates The Assorted Arrangement
W Wynter D batteries Simon Screams
X Xavier Indicators Morsematics
Y Yaretzi Batteries Bone Apple Tea
Z Zander Battery holders Crazy Talk
1 Wanda AA batteries Round Keypad
2 Malachy D batteries Widdershins
3 Trey Indicators Yahtzee
4 Tobias Lit indicators The Cube
5 Quinn Unlit indicators Snooker
6 Sia Ports IKEA Plushies
7 Seven Port plates Indigo Cipher
8 Octavius Starting time (minutes) Hold Ups
9 Nina Solvable modules Navinums
0 Dex Current month (1 to 12) Namecodes
ℝ1 Kanye Modules from the TMP2 pack Negativity
Char: Name: Edgework: Module:
ℝ2 Gorg First 2 digits on alarm clock Spangled Stars
ℝ3 Candy Modules containing a digit Indentation
ℝ4 Steyganfries Two factor codes The Stopwatch
ℝ5 Lord Honkingshire III NLL indicators Duck, Duck, Goose

N.B.: ℝ1 refers to the 1st repeated character, ℝ2 to the 2nd repeated character, etc.

List of TMP2 modules:

  • The Arena
  • Chalices
  • Dictation
  • Dumb Waiters
  • Jailbreak
  • Mental Math
  • Mind Meld
  • Mirror
  • Phones
  • Pixel Art
  • Rules
  • Scratch-Off
  • Skewers
  • Words