On the Subject of Phosphorescence

H-hey, this might sound weird but I think the flavor text is ceasing to exist...

See Appendix C² for color identification reference.

  • The module has a blank display, and a 7-segment display.
  • A timer starts when the 7-segment display is pressed.
    • Extra time is given per solved module.
  • WARNING: The timer cannot be deactivated, and will strike when run out.

L Cipher (defuser-heavy):

For reference, there are exactly 25 L 2×2 patterns in the top right part of this manual.

The blank display:

  • First, select it, which should display a gray screen, and deselect it.
  • From here, select the screen again to reveal a 7×7 grid in 2 colors.
    • A marker can be placed in any intersection of this grid.
  • The number of 2×2 L-shaped patterns visible must be noted down.
    • This must be done quickly as the colors slowly fade to gray.
Patterns to seek out for:
  • Repeat this process 7 more times in order to obtain 8 numbers.
  • A shuffle is performed when the sequence wraps, indicated by a gray screen.
    • Some letters may change, but the answer remains the same.

The 7-segment display:

  • This display will flash darker/brighter depending on its last digit.
    • Record all 10 states of the display. (on/off)
    • The display is always off when the last digit is a 9.

Color Cycle Cipher (expert-heavy):

Fun fact! You can spell out any color word by repeatedly mashing its color on the respective button!

Obtaining the word to submit.

  • Convert the 8 numbers obtained earlier with this table:
    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • One of these letters will be an impostor.
  • Remove all instances of the impostor letter such that an English word is made without rearranging the letters. This is the word to submit.

Submitting the word:

0 on? 1
1 on? 2
2 on? 4
3 on? 8
4 on? 16
5 on? 32
6 on? 64
7 on? 128
8 on? 256
  • Press the 7-segment display. Colored buttons are shown.
    • Refer to Appendix C² to identify the buttons.
    • In the event of a misclick, sacrifice a fourth of your remaining time and clear your input by pressing the buttons until they all flash white.
  • Obtain an offset by adding the numbers in the table. Refer to "The 7-segment display" for info on the timer state
  • Spell out the full color then place a Pointer underneath the word of the color.
    • Take the total offset modulo by the amount of letters in the color.
    • Place the pointer on the color's (offset + 1)th character.
  • Take your word from the first step and find the color* that has the pointer on the same letter. to get your first encrypted letter/color
  • *Multiple colors might have the letter match if this happens pick either color to submit.
  • Move every color's pointer one character to the right (wrapping if necessary) and submit the next character from the received word.
  • Repeat this process until the entire word is submitted. Press the 7-segment display to submit, and upon a correct submission, will solve the module.
  • You can find 2 examples on page 4.

Appendix C²: Color Identification Reference

There will only be 5 seconds to identify all 8 colors, good luck!

  • With cruel mode enabled, labels on the buttons are not shown.
  • The 8 buttons are any of the following colors:
Word # Word #
Azure A Navy N
Blue B Orange O
Crimson C Purple P
Diamond D Quartz Q
Emerald E Red R
Fuchsia F Salmon S
Green G Tan T
Hazel H Ube U
Ice I Vibe V
Jade J White W
Kiwi K Xotic X
Lime L Yellow Y
Magenta M Zen Z

Appendix: W0RDL15T

The wordlist can be found here.


The first example for the color cycle cipher is the BAR method and it works as thus.

  • Write down all the colors and place a bar 1 left of the character that has the pointer (0 being behind the first letter of the word)
  • Then find the first letter of your word obtained from the Defuser heavy part that is to the right of the bar and also touching the bar. This will be the first color to submit.
  • Now hold ALT+Right click and select the bar, now move the bar one to the right and continue with step 1 until the entire word has been enciphered.

The second example uses the same feel from the first but a different setup. (The solution will be the same as the first example so you can compare)

  • Take the colors and remove all letters behind the pointer repeat the words if you need to.
  • Find the first letter of your word in the first column, that is the first color to submit.
  • Find the second letter of your word in the second column, this is the second color to submit. Continue with the 3rd letter and 3rd column and so on until the word is fully enchipered.

First method is the left picture and the second is the right picture.