On the Subject of Phosphorescence

H-hey, this might sound weird but I think the flavor text is ceasing to exist...

See Appendix C² for color identification reference.

  • The module has a blank display, and a 7-segment display.
  • A timer starts when the 7-segment display is pressed.
    • Extra time is given per solved module.
  • WARNING: The timer cannot be deactivated, and will strike when run out.

L Cipher (defuser-heavy):

For reference, there are exactly 25 L 2x2 patterns in the top right part of this manual.

The blank display:

  • First, select it, which should display a gray screen, and deselect it.
  • From here, select the screen again to reveal a 7x7 grid in 2 colors.
    • A marker can be placed in any intersection of this grid.
  • The number of 2x2 L-shaped patterns visible must be noted down.
    • This must be done quickly as the colors slowly fade to gray.
Patterns to seek out for:
  • Repeat this process 7 more times in order to obtain 8 numbers.
  • A shuffle is performed when the sequence wraps, indicated by a gray screen.
    • Some letters may change, but the answer remains the same.

The 7-segment display:

  • This display will flash darker/brighter depending on its last digit.
    • Record all 10 states of the display. (on/off)
    • The display is always off when the last digit is a 9.

Color Cycle Cipher (expert-heavy):

Fun fact! You can spell out any color word by repeatedly mashing its color on the respective button!

Obtaining the word to submit.

  • Convert the 8 numbers obtained earlier with this table:
    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • One of these letters will be an impostor.
  • Remove all instances of the impostor letter such that an English word is made without rearranging the letters. This is the word to submit.

Submitting the word:

0 on? 1
1 on? 2
2 on? 4
3 on? 8
4 on? 16
5 on? 32
6 on? 64
7 on? 128
8 on? 256
  • Press the 7-segment display. Colored buttons are shown.
    • Refer to Appendix C² to identify the buttons.
    • In the event of a misclick, sacrifice a fourth of your remaining time and clear your input by pressing the buttons until they all flash white.
  • Obtain an offset by adding the numbers that apply on the table.
  • Place a pointer on each of the 8 colors:
    • For each color, subtract the offset with the length of the color's word until the offset is less than it.
    • Place the pointer on the color's (offset + 1)th character.
  • Submit the first character of the obtained word by pressing any color that has its pointer match that first character.
  • Move every color's pointer one character to the right (wrapping if necessary) and submit the next character from the received word.
  • Repeat this process until the entire word is submitted. Press the 7-segment display to submit, and upon a correct submission, will solve the module.

Appendix C²: Color Identification Reference

There will only be 5 seconds to identify all 8 colors, good luck!

  • With cruel mode enabled, labels on the buttons are not shown.
  • The 8 buttons are any of the following colors:
Word # Word #
Azure A Navy N
Blue B Orange O
Crimson C Purple P
Diamond D Quartz Q
Emerald E Red R
Fuchsia F Salmon S
Green G Tan T
Hazel H Ube U
Ice I Vibe V
Jade J White W
Kiwi K Xotic X
Lime L Yellow Y
Magenta M Zen Z