On the Subject of Pigpen Rotations

Is that alien language or what? And what is with the original text before?

The process to disarm this module can be found underneath "The Pigpen Cipher" section. If there are any issues, please contact VFlyer#6320 on Discord.

Getting the Key for the Caesar/Rotation Cipher

  • If there are no batteries on the bomb, the key is 13.
  • Otherwise, the key is 26 - (the number of batteries on the bomb).

The Pigpen Cipher

The Process

  1. Decrypt the display using the Pigpen Cipher provided.
  2. Take the English alphabetical position of each letter decrypted. (A=1,B=2,C=3,...,X=24,Y=25,Z=26)
  3. Add the key that you got to each of these.
  4. To keep each value between 1 to 26 inclusive, Add or subtract 26 to those not between 1-26 inclusive.
  5. Use each of the values as positions to convert back into an English letter. (1=A,2=B,3=C,...,24=X,25=Y,26=Z)
  6. Encrypt the result back in Pigpen Cipher and type that in.

If you did the process correctly. The module will disarm upon pressing the "Submit" button. Otherwise you will receive a strike.