On the Subject of Pink Arrows

She is learning how to dance on her points.

On the module are 4 directional buttons and a display screen in the centre.
If the buttons are not Pink, you're looking at a different module.
To solve, press the correct directional buttons in sequence.
7 consecutive correct presses will disarm the module.

The buttons that must be pressed are found in Section A, Section B and Section C. To find your starting section, follow the ruleset below:

  • If there are more lit indicators than unlit indicators, start with Section A.
  • Otherwise, if there are more unlit indicators than lit indicators, start with Section B.
  • Otherwise, if the number of lit and unlit indicators are equal, start with Section C.

After each correct button press, change sections to the next one in alphabetical order. (A, B, C, A etc.)
However, if there is a Stereo RCA port present, change sections to the previous one in alphabetical order instead. (A, C, B, A etc.)

An incorrect press will result in a strike, which will reset the module.

Section A

Press number Button to press
1 Left
2 Right
3 Down
4 Down
5 Up
6 Left
7 Up

Section B

In this section, the button to press column is relative to the button previously pressed. If no button has been pressed yet, press the up button.

Press number Button to press
1 Up
2 Anti-clockwise
3 Same
4 Opposite
5 Clockwise
6 Anti-clockwise
7 Clockwise

Section C

Take the number on the module display modulo 4. Press the button according to the table below.

0 1 2 3
Up Right Down Left