On the Subject of Pitch Perfect

Here's to hoping your defuser has the 1/10000 chance of having perfect pitch...

  • This module consists of a speaker, a button that plays a specific note, names of pitches that can be cycled, and a submit button.
    • There are a few other items on the module that can be used to help solve the module, but they aren't strictly required to solve the module. Information on how to use these items is listed in Extra Features
  • The play button will play a note. Use the arrow buttons to input the pitch name of the played note.
  • Do this three times to solve the module.

Extra Features

  • You are allowed to make mistakes, since the occurrence of one having perfect pitch is quite rare, but avoid making too many. If a mistake is made, the module will "fake strike" and the top screen will show an 'X'. Additionally, the note name will turn red. If another mistake is made after two fake strikes, a real strike will be issued to the bomb.
  • Real strikes will reset the module, requiring you to restart from the first stage again, but fake strikes will not.
  • The pitch name screen can be tapped once to play the note displayed on the screen as a reference pitch. If tapped, you won't be able to play another reference pitch unless the module resets. This reference pitch's availability is indicated by a speaker image on the top screen.