On the Subject of Pixel Number Base

No. Just no.

The module consists of a display, 16 circular buttons, and a square button.

The display will present 4 bits of data. Each bit is presented using a 4 by 4 pixel bitmap.

The highest valued pixel in the bitmap is located in the top left, and the lowest valued pixel in the bitmap is located in the bottom-right. Starting from the bottom-right, moving left will represent a higher bit value. After reaching the leftmost pixel of a bit line, moving up and starting from its right pixel continues the value. Each pixel represents Base 2 and each bit should represent Base 65536. A black pixel represents an active value, and a white pixel represents an inactive value.

To solve the module, calculate the value of all the bitmap and convert the resulting number to hexadecimal. Press the circular buttons to type the hexadecimal value. This will bring the display into input mode. Pressing the square Reset button clears the input and generates another number. The hex value will auto-submit after 16 digits. Giving an incorrect value will cause a strike to occur and the initial value to reset to a new value.


Hexadecimal Value: F9587068B493117F