On the Subject of Plant Identification

Basic zombie learning material. Learn what to eat.

The module consists of a keyboard, a text box, a display with an image of a mystery packet, 3 unlit light bulbs, and a logo of Plants vs Zombies 2.

To initiate a stage, press the border on which the mystery packet is located. The mystery packet will then reveal a seed packet from a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 or Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version).

The reveal will last for 5 seconds before returning to its original image. Relay as much information on the plant shown. You can only press the border once per stage.

After the packet returns to its original image, you are now able to type text in the text box. Type the exact name of the plant shown in the module. Submit your answer by pressing the Enter button on the keyboard.

If the input given was correct, a light bulb beside the border would light up. If the input given was incorrect, all the lights bulbs would turn off, and a strike will be given.

Light up all the light bulbs given to solve the module.

Index: Keyboard Guide

This keyboard replica function differently than normal.

Keyboard Functions

  • Shift - Replace the current set of typable keys with its alternative. The keyboard will not revert to the previous setting when pressing any typable key after pressing Shift.
  • Backspace - Remove the rightmost character in the text box.
  • Enter - Submits the answer written on the text box. It only works when you have pressed the border.
  • Any Typable Key - Types the character on the text box.
  • The Remaining Keys - It does nothing. Only for decoration purposes.

Table Links

Blue Border     Gold Border     Green Border     Purple Border     White Border

Index: Plant Guide

Plants are good for you. But you need to consume the edible ones.

Blue Border

Aggro Brocco Aspiragus Auberninja
Carrotillery Chest-nut Dragonfruit
Guerrequila Icy Currant Lotuspot
Oak Archer Passionflower Primal Sunflower
Pumpkin Witch R.A.D Missiles Snowy Cotton

Gold Border

Acidic Citrus Ail-mint Alarm Arrowhead
Aloe Angel Starfruit Appease-mint
Apple Mortar Arma-mint Berry Blaster
Blastberry Vine Blooming Heart Boingsetta
Bombard-mint Bombegranate Boom Balloon Flower
Bromel Blade Cactus Cattail
Caulipower Chomper Cob Cannon
Cold Snapdragon Conceal-mint Contain-mint
Cryo-shroom Curling Corms Dandelion
Dartichoke Dazey Chain Draftodil
Dual Pistol Pinecone Egrett Flower Electric Blueberry
Electric Peashooter Electrici-tea Enchant-mint
Enforce-mint Enlighten-mint Escape Root
Explode-O-Nut Explode-o-Vine Fila-mint
Fire Peashooter Firebloom Queen Gatling Pea
Ghost Pepper Gloom Vine Gold Bloom
Goo Peashooter Grapeshot Gumnut
Headbutter Lettuce Hocus Crocus Holly Barrier
Homing Thistle Hot Date Hurrikale
Hypno-shroom Ice Bloom Imitater
Imp Pear Jack O' Lantern Jalapeno
Kinnikannon Kiwibeast Lava Guava
Lily of Alchemy Magic-shroom Mastercane
MC Glory Missile Toe Murkadamia Nut
Olive Pit Parsnip Pea Vine
Pea-nut Pepper-mint Pokra
Power Lily Primal Rafflesia Puffball
Pumpkin Pyre Vine Reinforce-mint
Rotten Red Ruby Red Sap-fling
Shadow Peashooter Shine Vine Shrinking Violet
Sling Pea Snap Pea Snow Pea
Solar Tomato Spear-mint Squash
Starfruit Sticky Bomb Rice Strawburst
Sumo Melon Sweet Potato Toadstool
Torchwood Trump Tulip Tumbleweed
Turkey-pult Ultomato Wasabi Whip
Winter-mint Witch Hazel Zapdragon
Zoybean Pod

Green Border

Ampthurium Bambrook Cycloque
Jackfruit Oil Olive Pomegunate
Rafflesia Spinnapple Tornacorn Wax Guard

Purple Border

Banana Dancer Board Beans Bud-minton
Dinonip Dollarweed Drummer Fanilla
Frostbloom Queen Lotus Root Match Flower
Monkeyfruit Narcissus Primal Potato Mine
Pyro-shroom Shadow Vanilla Sunflower Singer

White Border

A.K.E.E. Bamboo-shoot Banana Launcher
Bloomerang Blover Bonk Choy
Bowling Bulb Cabbage-pult Celery Stalker
Chard Guard Cherry Bomb Chili Bean
Citron Coconut Cannon Coffee Bean
Dusk Lobber E.M. Peach Electric Currant
Endurian Fire Gourd Flat-shroom
Fume-shroom Garlic Gold Leaf
Grave Buster Grimrose Guacodile
Heavenly Peach Hot Potato Iceberg Lettuce
Infi-nut Intensive Carrot Kernel-pult
Lantern Cherry Laser Bean Lightning Reed
Lily Pad Lord Bamboo Magnet-shroom
Magnifying Grass Marigold Melon-pult
Moonflower Nightshade Pea Pod
Peashooter Pepper-pult Perfume-shroom
Phat Beet Plantern Plumping Plummy
Potato Mine Primal Peashooter Primal Wall-nut
Puff-shroom Radish Red Stinger
Repeater Rotobaga Saucer Squash
Shadow-shroom Snapdragon Spikerock
Spikeweed Split Pea Spore-shroom
Spring Bean Stallia Stunion
Sun Bean Sunflower Sun-shroom
Tall-nut Tangle Kelp Thorns
Threepeater Thyme Warp Tile Turnip
Twin Sunflower Wall-nut Winter Melon