On the Subject of Plumbing

I'd wash your hands after this one...

  • The module has 4 input pipes (left) and 4 output pipes (right). At least one input pipe and one output pipe will be active.
  • The defuser must connect all active input pipes to all active output pipes, whilst taking care not to connect inactive pipes, using the 6 by 6 grid of pipes. Clicking on a pipe in the 6 by 6 grid will rotate it.
  • All pipes connected to an active pipe must also correctly connect to other pipes. Any pipe with a connection not going into another pipe (or going into an inactive in/out pipe) will cause a strike upon checking the solution.
  • Once the solution has been entered, press “CHECK” to verify the solution. An incorrect solution will cause a strike.
  • Active input and output pipes are determined using the table below. If the pipe has more points for it than against, it is active.
Red Input
  • For: Serial contains a ‘1’
  • For: Exactly 1 RJ45 port
  • Against: Any duplicate ports
  • Against: Any duplicate serial characters
Yellow Input
  • For: Serial contains a ‘2’
  • For: One or more Stereo RCA ports
  • Against: No duplicate ports
  • Against: Serial contains a ‘1’ or ‘L’
Green Input
  • For: Serial contains 3 or more numbers
  • For: One or more DVI-D ports
  • Against: Red Input is inactive
  • Against: Yellow Input is inactive
Blue Input
  • Note: Always active if all other inputs are inactive
  • For: At least 4 port types
  • For: At least 4 batteries
  • Against: No ports
  • Against: No batteries
Red Output
  • For: One or more Serial ports
  • For: Exactly one battery
  • Against: Serial contains more than 2 numbers
  • Against: More than 2 inputs are active
Yellow Output
  • For: Any duplicate ports
  • For: Serial contains a ‘4’ or ‘8’
  • Against: Serial doesn’t contain a ‘2’
  • Against: Green Input is active
Green Output
  • For: Exactly 3 inputs are active
  • For: Exactly 3 ports are present
  • Against: Less than 3 ports are present
  • Against: Serial contains more than 3 numbers
Blue Output
  • Note: Always active if all other outputs are inactive
  • For: All inputs are active
  • For: Any other output is inactive
  • Against: Less than 2 batteries
  • Against: No Parallel port