On The Subject Of Pocket Planes

Can we pretend that paper planes don't exist?

This module was interpreted during a livestream on August 28th 2020, by VFlyer. The extracted livestream footage can be found on his Twitch channel.

The module consists of 3 stages, each consisting of unique actions required to disarm the module.

The first stage requires the defuser to pick the correct phrase said by one of the three people. The second stage requires the expert to determine the correct plane that must be used. The third stage determines what other items need to be loaded in a specific order for the plane to take off.

Any invalid selections during any of the stages will result in a strike. The defuser will also NOT be able to revisit any previous stages, so take notes for each stage when advised.

Table of Contents:

  • Stage 1: Determining the Correct Destination

  • Stage 2: Determining the Correct Plane

  • Stage 3: Determining the Correct Items

Stage 1: Determining the Correct Destination

Exactly 1 of the 3 people mentioned on the module will contain the correct phrase. Select the person by clicking on the given avatar and confirming by pressing the "X" button on the bottom-right of the screen. Note that "XXX" will refer to truth destination from the correct person, which will be used for later.

Eugene Chavez Samantha Wade Glen Perry
Aw, yeah! Party in XXX! I’m going off to XXX to get new shoes, mine got taken at the TSA :/ I’ve been requested to represent my company in XXX.
My friend just got a new crib in XXX, time for a housewarming party! Woohoooo! 2k spending spree in XXX! The finance convention in XXX should bring wonderful returns.
Aww, I’m my friend’s best man for his wedding in XXX! What’s that new clothes shop in XXX called again? Business class for a business trip to XXX. #allexpensespaid
Anyone know how to get to the football stadium in XXX? Getting my hubby a present in XXX :) Hope to meet new partners in XXX.
What time does the rave start in XXX’s town square tomorrow? A new mall in XXX just opened and I HAVE to go to it! Ten meetings, ten days. Sounds like my kinda trip to XXX.

Stage 2: Determining the Correct Plane

Pick the plane from the table with the most conditions satisfied. In case of a tie, pick the last plane in reading order on the table with the most conditions. Take note of the specs of the plane for the next stage. Each picture corresponds to a different plane specified on the table which may be shuffled on the defuser's end.

Bearclaw-C (1 Cargo)

Kangaroo-P (2 Passengers)
  • Serial No. contains 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', or 'E'
  • European Travel is present
  • DVI-D or PS/2 port is present
  • 1 - 9 modules
  • Started on Monday / Tuesday
  • Serial No. contains 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I', or 'J'
  • Lightspeed is present
  • Parallel or Serial port is present
  • 10 - 19 modules
  • Started on Wednesday / Thursday

Arivan-M (2 Passengers + 1 Cargo)

Birchcraft-M (2 Pasengers + 2 Cargo)
  • Serial No. contains 'K', 'L', 'M', 'N', or 'O' (the letter, not the number 0)
  • Gridlock is present
  • RJ-45 or Stereo RCA port is present
  • 20 - 29 modules
  • Started on Friday / Saturday
  • Serial No. contains 'P', 'Q', 'R', 'S', or 'T'
  • Railway Cargo Loading is present
  • 3 or more indicators
  • 30 or more modules
  • Started on Sunday

Stage 3: Determining the Correct Items

Not all items are loaded in at the same time. You will need to determine the order of which items are loaded in first to disarm this module. To determine the first item to check:

  1. Take the first character of the serial number. If this is not a number, convert it into its A1Z26 equivalents.
  2. Add the last digit of the serial number.
  3. Subtract the product of the number of batteries and the number of battery holders.
  4. Modulo 4.
  5. Add 1 and count that many items from the top to get the first item to check.

From the first provided position, going down, wrapping around to the top of the list if necessary, load that given item if there is room for that given item by pressing the Load/Unload button to the right of the current item. The correct plane has the provided limitations.

  • Do not load items that do not correspond to the correct destination.
  • Also, do not load items that start with the 2nd letter in the serial number.

Note: For all planes, all cargo must have at least 1 empty cargo slot to be loaded in. Likewise, all passengers must have 1 empty passenger slot to be loaded in.

Cargo is shown by crates while passengers are show as similar avatars from stage 1.

Confirm the order and items by pressing the submit button on the bottom-right to, hopefully, disarm the module.