On the Subject of Pocket Planes

Welcome to Pocket Planes Airlines, where our motto is:
“Nobody else has planes, so deal with it.”

This module has three steps to complete, ordered below.

  1. Find what your destination city is.
  2. Find the proper plane to use.
  3. Load the correct passengers and cargo.

Step 1: Destination City

  • You will see a screen with three Bitizen’s BitBook posts on it. These will all reference a different city.
  • One Bitizen’s post will have an action that indicates it’s referencing the destination city.
    • Samantha Wade will go shopping.
    • Eugene Chavez will go to a social event.
    • Glen Perry will do a business-related activity.
  • Select the Bitizen whose post is referencing the destination city by clicking on them, then press the X button to continue to step 2.
  • Make sure you note down the destination city for future use.

Step 2: Plane

  • Four different planes are available today for us to use here at Pocket Planes Airlines, shown below.
Bearclaw-C Kangaroo-P Airvan-M Birchcraft-M
1 Cargo 2 Passengers 2 Pass, 1 Cargo 2 Pass, 2 Cargo
  • It is very important that you note down which plane you select. Each plane has a limit to the cargo and passengers it can hold.
  • To find the correct plane, find which of the four has the highest value. For each true case listed in the table on the next page, add 1 to the value of the plane.
Bearclaw-C Kangaroo-P Airvan-M Birchcraft-M
A/B/C/D/E in the serial number F/G/H/I/J in the serial number K/L/M/N/O in the serial number P/Q/R/S/T in the serial number
European Travel present on bomb Lightspeed present on bomb Gridlock present on bomb Railway Cargo Loading present on bomb
DVI-D or PS/2 Parallel or Serial RJ-45 or Stereo RCA More than two indicators
Modules on bomb < 10 10 ≤ Modules on bomb < 20 20 ≤ Modules on bomb < 30 Modules on bomb ≥ 30
Bomb created on Mon or Tues Bomb created on Weds or Thurs Bomb created on Fri or Sat Bomb created on Sunday
  • In the event of a tie, use the plane with the highest capacity.
  • Press the correct plane to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Cargo/Passengers

  • You will see four possible items to load onto the plane. This will always consist of two cargo and two passengers. You must load the correct items in the correct order to solve the module.
  • First, determine the order in which the items should be loaded. This can be done by finding the result of this formula:
    • ((alphabetic position of 1st character in SN + Last digit of SN) - (Batteries * Holders)) mod 4 = x
    • The result x is the item (from top to bottom, 0 being the top) that is top priority. This item must be loaded first if it can be. The rest should be loaded from top to bottom, beginning with the top priority item and looping if necessary.
  • Next, determine which items cannot be transported to the destination city. Disqualify any items which match these conditions:
    • Are not scheduled to travel to the destination.
    • Item name begins with the second letter in the SN.
    • Cannot fit in the plane selected.
  • Once you have disqualified the proper items, load the remaining items by clicking on them in the proper order. Click on the “Fly” button to check your answer.