On the Subject of Poetry

Will you write your way into her heart?

  • You will see a member of the Poetry Club on the module. Write a poem for her using her favorite words.
  • To determine the correct word(s) out of the 6 words provided on the module, calculate the distance between the name of the shown girl and each word using the table below.
  • To calculate the distance, start from the cell containing the girl’s name and jump from one cell to a horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) neighboring cell. Count the minimum number of jumps needed to reach the cell containing the word.
  • Pick any word with the least distance to advance. After picking 3 words correctly, the module will be disarmed. Picking a wrong word will result in a strike and the words will reset.
Melanie Jane Hana Lacy
Melanie Jane Hana Lacy

Melanie clarity flow fatigue hollow Jane
energy sunshine ocean reflection identity black
crowd heart weather words past solitary
relax dance weightless morality gaze failure
bunny lovely romance future focus search
Hana cookies compassion creation patience Lacy