On the Subject of Pointless Machines


This module does not strike.

The module contains a machine with 1 screen which will be flashing a sequence of 6 colors. Note down this sequence.

Step One: The Colors

  • The sequence will always contain White, Purple, Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  • All 5 colors have a constant, and 4 of them a variable, both of them being any of the 5 colors. Obtain both for each color using the table at the bottom.
  • Set the variable and constant in the first flash of the sequence, then repeat with the color matching the variable. Stop after all colors are obtained.
  • Keep in mind that the sequence does wrap around, meaning that if the table tells you to go out of bounds, you wrap around.
  • For variables, if you obtain a color that was or is the current color, use the color to the right until instead this rule is false.
If all colors have been or are the current color...
Variable = There is no variable. Stop using this table.
Constant = The current color.
Otherwise, if the current color flashes twice...
Variable = The color left of the current.
Constant = The color right of the other color sharing the current color.
Otherwise, if the current color’s position mirrors a color flashing twice...
Variable = The color 3 steps ahead in the sequence.
Constant = The color whose position mirrors 3 steps ahead.
Otherwise, if the current color’s position is in the second half...
Variable = The second color in the sequence.
Constant = The fifth color in the sequence.
Variable = The second occurrence of the color that flashes twice.
Constant = The color that flashes twice.

Step Two: The Directions

  • This module uses an 8-way direction system.
  • Replace all constants with the following values:
Colors White Purple Red Blue Yellow
Direction Up Left Up + Right Down + Right Up + Left
  • Replace the variable whose value matches the color without a variable with that constant’s directional value.
  • From there, combine both directions of the second last color from Step One into 1 direction, using the following method below:
    • To combine 2 directions, calculate the amount of clockwise/counter-clockwise movement is needed to go from the variable to the constant, then apply that movement starting from the constant, the direction you land on is the combination of both.
    • If the direction matches any of the other color’s final direction, rotate it 1 step clockwise until this rule is false.
  • After that, set variables whose value are the color, to the value of the color’s calculated direction.
  • Repeat the 2 above steps until all 5 colors have a single direction.

Step Three: The Submission

  • Selecting the module toggles the audio, only when the audio is on can a submission be made.
  • Do not select the module at an angle, as this messes with its calibration.
  • Submit the sequence where each color is replaced with the direction of that color from Step Two.
  • To submit a direction, tilt the bomb in that direction, an audio cue is played to indicate the submission of a direction.
  • The module solves whenever the defuser submits the correct sequence. However, the module gives no indication that an incorrect direction has been submitted.