On the Subject of Polygrids

Once again your life depends on your ability to solve a casual puzzle.

  • This module consists of a 5×5 grid and a display which can be scrolled through.
  • There are ten total displays, consisting of five items each.
  • Each of the five items can be one of eight polygons or a blank space.
    A heart shape appears on only one display.
  • Each display must be entered into the grid as either a row or a column.
  • Selecting one of the arrows around the edge of the grid will enter the displayed items from left to right into the selected row/column in the selected direction, blank spaces included.
  • No two displays can be entered into the same row/column.
  • Overlapping items are only permissable if:
    • The overlapping item is a blank space.
    • The overlapping item matches the polygon it overlaps.
  • The module is solved once all rows and columns are filled with each of the displays such that there are no blank spaces left in the grid.