On the Subject of Polyrhythms

*^The words in *this fla^vor *text are not *re^levant *to this mod.

  • With a press of the button, a random polyrhythm will be played.
  • Hold the button when the last digit of the timer is the last digit of the amount of times the lower note played, and release the button in the same fashion for the other note. Do this three times in total to solve the module.
  • Twelve timer ticks after a polyrhythm is played, submission is cancelled and the module resets. This will also add another stage to be done, with a max of three stages at a time.
  • A strike will be given if a wrong answer will be inputted, but the amount of stages remains the same.
  • Polyrhythms consist of multiple rhythms, each containing a number of beats that are evenly spaced out in the same duration of time.