On the Subject of A More Straightforward Prison Break

For people who hates reading.

The module requires you to capture a prisoner by finding its path. Selecting the module would activate it, and you have five minutes.

The screen would constantly flash a sequence of directions, with a pause before repeating. Take note of these directions.

The bottom left screen shows the prisoner's cell number. This is the prisoner's starting cell.

The bottom right screen shows your coordinates.

The background of the module shows which maze you and the prisoner are in. Refer to them in the appendix in the next few pages.

Decrypting directional laughs

  • Concatenate each character in the serial number to form a number, with all letters converted to their alphabetic positions (A1Z26). Keep the leading zeroes if needed. (E.g. P37DR4 -> 16374184)
  • Go through each digit from left to right, starting from the second digit. If the digit directly to the left of this one is even, add 5 to this digit, modulo 10.(E.g. 12345 would be changed to 12895)
  • Now, from now on:
    • If the number of received directions are not both even nor both odd:
      • Take the sum of the first and last digits of the number, modulo 10.
      • If the number of digits in the string is even, insert it in the middle of the string.
      • If the number of digits in the string is odd, insert it in directly to the left of the middle digit.
    • If the number of received directions is larger than the current number of digits, duplicate the entire number, add 1 to each digit, modulo 10, then append it at the end of this number string.
    • If either one of the above conditions aren't satisfied, go back to the first instruction and repeat the process until they are.
  • Take the middle n digits from this number, where n is the number of received directions. Pair each direction to each digit from left to right.
  • Now it's time to modify the directions based on the numbers formed.

Decrypting directional laughs, continued

  • A digit refers to a certain instruction to modify the direction.
  • Firstly, if the number of times this module is activated is even, your current rotational direction is clockwise, otherwise it's counterclockwise.
  • Modify each direction based on the digit as follows:
    • If the digit is 5, keep the direction as it is.
    • If the digit is 2, 3, 7, rotate the direction by 180 degrees.
    • If the digit is 1, 4, 9, rotate the direction by 45 degrees in regards to your current rotational direction, and then invert your current rotational direction.
    • If the digit is 0, 6, 8, rotate the direction by 90 degrees in regards to your current rotational direction, and then invert your current rotational direction.
  • Apply the result directions starting from the prisoner's cell. The final cell reached is your goal.

Move to the goal and press the display. Hitting a wall would trigger a 2 second cooldown that would cease any movement.

Pressing the display at the goal will solve the module. Otherwise it will strike and reset after a 30 second cooldown. Letting the timer run out would do the same.

Appendix: Layouts of various prisons

Oh and if you're wondering why are the layouts shaped like a maze, apparently this is one of the precautions to confuse escapists, but then ironically it confuses most of us guards too...

Background texture Prison Name Prison Layout
Oozora Prison Department
Green Dolphin Street Prison
Center Perks 2.0
Rattlesnake Springs
Fort Tundra