On the Subject of Purple Arrows

Word Points!

On the module are 4 directional buttons, a displayed scrambled word, and a pressable display screen in the middle.

If the buttons are not Purple, you're looking at a different module.

The module is linked to the 6-word table below, and starts at a random word in the table. Use the directional buttons to move through the table to different words. Only the first letter of the current word is displayed. The scrambled word in the top left of the module is the ending word, unscramble it to figure out which word to end on. Press the letter display when the current word is the ending word to disarm the module.

If the defuser attempts to go outside of the table they will loop to the other side.

Pressing the letter display on an incorrect word will register a strike, and the module will reset itself with a new starting word and scrambled word.

Thesis Immune Agency Height Active Bother Viable Expose Border
Insure Insist Behave Thread Apathy Offend Extend Vessel Earwax
Occupy Prince Pardon Weight Harbor Trench Absorb Outfit Injury
Honest Refuse Access Punish Valley Writer Happen Bucket Agenda
Bubble Tycoon Health Hammer Useful Offset Quaint Bomber Detail
Result Energy Pigeon Excuse Please Relate Appear Thanks Visual
Trance Dinner Throne Danker Wealth Jacket Tumble Weapon Wonder
Bounce Hiccup Unique Prayer Bronze Endure Timber Inside Embark
Pledge Poetry Velvet Waiter Estate Belong Ignore Hotdog Regret
Rotten Adjust Expand Borrow Treaty Player Junior Wander Helmet
Impact Bottom Ticket Gossip Retire Infect Direct Battle Divide
Virtue Update Peanut Ignite Quebec Thrust Artist Accept Random
Remedy Insert Hunter Turkey Winner Theory Import Outlet Buffet