On the Subject of Puzzle Identification

Every puzzle has an answer.

This module presents a screen, three stage LEDs and a keyboard. To solve the module, enter the names of three puzzles from the Professor Layton™ series into the module, based on their puzzle number. Submitting an incorrect puzzle name will cause a strike and reset the module back to stage 1. Note that all puzzle names are from the British versions of the Professor Layton™ games.

Finding the Correct Puzzle Name

Pressing the enter key while the module is in its idle state will show a puzzle number on the display and will start playing music. The music played is from one of the six Professor Layton™ games on DS/3DS (with vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Millionaires' Conspiracy excluded). To find which game the puzzle is taken from, identify what game the music comes from. By finding the puzzle number given by the display in the correct list of puzzles, you can find the name of that puzzle. This is what you should enter into the module.

Below are the six puzzle tracks (note that the first two tracks sound very similar):

Curious Village
Pandora's Box
Lost Future
Spectre's Call
Miracle Mask
Azran Legacy

Submitting Puzzle Names

This module has keyboard support, meaning that you can type out puzzle names on your keyboard.

Some keys do nothing. These keys are Esc, Tab, Ctrl, Windows, Alt and Menu.

The Backspace key deletes the last letter from your current entry and the Clear key clears your current entry. The Clear key is mapped to the Del key on your keyboard.

Caps Lock lets you type capital letters. Shift does the same, although goes back to lowercase after a character has been typed.

The Enter key either submits your current entry, or starts a new stage if idle.

Puzzle Names (Sequels)

Curious Village
001Where's the Village?
002The Crank and Slot
003Strange Hats
004Where's My House?
005Clock Hands
006Light Weight
007Wolves and Chicks
008Farm Work
009One Poor Pooch
010Four Digits
011Arc and Line
012Make a Rectangle
013Sinking Ship
014Which Chair?
015How Many Are Left?
016Triangles and Ink
017Five-Card Shuffle
018Of Dust and Dustpan
019Car Park Gridlock
020Unfriendly Commute
021Pill Prescription
022Pigpen Partitions
023Juice Pitchers
024Milk Pitchers
025Equilateral Triangle
026Bottle Full of Germs
027Bickering Brothers
028Find the Dot
029Five Suspects
030One-Line Puzzle 1
031Racetrack Riddle
032Sweet Jars
033Light Which One?
034How Many Sheets?
035Strange Dots
036Too Many Mice
037Brother and Sister
038Island Hopping
039One-Line Puzzle 2
040Father's Age
041Spare Change
Pandora's Box
001Dr Schrader's Map
002The Doctor's Home
003Which Key?
004A Secure Room
005Luke's Trunk
006Piles of Pancakes 1
007Four Couples
008Luke's Big Dinner
009Stacked Glasses
010A Work of Art
011Trees in the Forest
012Clouds and Sky
013On Your Plate
014Red Caps
015Tom's True Identity
016Crazy Daisies
017The Ant's Journey
018The Shoe Maze
019The Train Journey
020The Shoe Shop Thief
021Pass It On!
022Cleaning Up 1
023A Sour Defeat
024A Strip of Paper
025Surviving in the Wild
026Train Swap
027A Dramatic Farewell
028The Warped Wheel
029Which Arrow?
030The Wrong Date
031Pass the Apples
032It's a Wrap
033Fishing Net
034Trees on an Old Road
035Which House Where?
036The Trapped Bird
037World's Best Golfer
038Four Horses
039A Change of Clothes
040The Patterned Box
041Cube Halves
Lost Future
001A Party Crasher
002The Clock Shop
003Bus Scheduling
004Moving Day
005The Timepiece
006Eye on the Needles
007What's the Time?
008The Odd Clock
009Cogged Down
010Day Dreaming
011The Professor's Hat
012Follow the Arrows
013Pick the Pen
014Find the Station!
015How Many Boxes?
016Day Dreaming 2
017The Scrawled Note
018Slippery Trip
019Chequerboard Bridge
020Making the Rounds
021Medicine Time
022X-ray Vision
023The Hidden Number
024No-Go Arrows
025How Long?
026Upon Reflection
027A Game of Cards
028Slot Machine Gun!
029Four Rooms
030Biscuit Baffler
032Broken Lance
033Brothers 'n' Sisters
034The Mysterious Memo
035Twisted Tunnels
036Henchman Hunt
037Cat Romance
038Cluttered Case
039Where's My Coat?
040Missing Tiles
041Thirsty Work
Curious Village
042The Camera and Case
043Three Umbrellas
044Stamp Stumper
045Lunar Weight
046Star in the Sky
047On the Run
048Cats and Mice
0491,000 Times
050Number Maze
051The Town Barbers
052Find a Star
053Fish Thief
055The Odd Sandwich
056The Lazy Guard
057Cut Which One?
058Get the Ball Out! 1
059The Longest Path
060Weighing Cats
061Pin Board Shapes
062A Tricky Inheritance
063Mother's Age
064Odd Equations
065Letters and Numbers
066Five Borrowers
067How Many Sweets?
068Find the Pentagons
069Chocolate Puzzle
070The Shattered Vase
071Sausage Thief
072Truth and Lies
073How Many Squares?
074A Broken Window
075The Wire Cube
076Flower Garden
077Which Job?
078Water Pitchers
079Apples to Oranges
080Too Many Queens 1
081Too Many Queens 2
082Too Many Queens 3
083Too Many Queens 4
084Which Boxes to Move?
Pandora's Box
042Board Cutter 1
043Board Cutter 2
044Tangled Ropes
045Baggage Claim
046Odd Shape Out
047The Mayoral Election
048Who's Mr Anderson?
049A Royal Show-off
051Crazy Cats
052Hat Weather
053Boys' Club
054Painting the Flag
055Sammy's Necklace
056The Door's Code
057Smell the Roses
058In the Tunnel
059A Ticket to Where?
060Plaza Puzzle
061Where's the Hotel?
062Smell the Roses Again
063Numbered Cards
064Stones in a Vase
065The Ancient Map
066The Locked Box
067Sammy's Working Week
068Hat Etiquette
069Copying the Menu
070Jewelled Necklaces
071How Old is She?
072Scrambled Photos
073Can Conundrum
074Sealing Off the Smell
075Sweets for Five
076Top of the Tower
077Balancing Ornaments
078A Maze of Doors
079The Gear Switch
080The Puzzling Lift
081The Old Safe
082Restarting the Lift
083Piles of Pancakes 2
084Piles of Pancakes 3
Lost Future
042Shape of the Key
043Making the Cut
044Clock the Tower
045How Many People?
046A Heartfelt Heart
047The Shady Trio
049The Missing Block
050Where Is This?
051Park the Car
052The Chessboard
053Making Another Cut
055Six Whiny Spectators
056Five Stamps
057Mispainted Plates
058Gravity Maze
060The Inheritance
061A Tunnel Out
062Lunar Leapfrogs
063Which Finger?
064Break Time
065Funny Shapes
066Flower Vases
067Pork Noodle Line-Up
068Paper Cuts
069Pearl Diving
070The Third Youngest
071Wall Paint Problem
072Tricolour Template
073Tricky Tilework
074Slippery Trip 2
075The Chick's Shadow
076Around the Table
077Timely Arrivals
078Bunny Hop
079Five Swimmers
080Making a Scene
081Diced Dates
082Flour Power
083A Tidy Bookshelf
084Four Cross the River
Curious Village
085Train Speed
086Squares and Circles
087Ferris Wheel Riddle
088Leaky Tank
089Which Way?
090Get the Ball Out! 2
091Pattern Matching
092Wash Up
093Over the River
094Get the Ball Out! 4
095A Magic Square
096On the Stairs
097Maiden's Escape
098Card Order
100Seven Squares
101Splitting It Up
102Aces and the Joker
103Wood Cutouts
104A Sweet Treat
105Rolling a Three
106How Many Glasses?
107Worm in the Apple
108Not Knots?
109Laziest Man on Earth
110The Vanishing Cube
111Making a Square
112My Beloved
113Pet Menagerie
114Tetrahedron Trial
115Odd Box Out
116The Largest Total
117Painting a Cube
118Red and Black Cards
119Red and Blue 1
120Get the Ball Out! 3
121Diamond in the Flag
122The Next Die
123Tons of Triangles
124The Rope Ladder
125Rolling the Die
126Red and Blue 2
127Perimeter Perplexer
Pandora's Box
085The Missing Shape
086Perplexing Figures
087Different Suits
088The Frog's Path
089Flower Bed Fun
090The Unusual Fountain
091Sharing the Wealth
092Precious Metals
093How Old Am I?
094Puzzling Cubes
095Box of Books
096A Ghostly Puzzle
097A Starry Sky
098Jars and Cans 1
099Jars and Cans 2
100A Rickety Bridge
101Disappearing Act 1
102Disappearing Act 2
103Disappearing Act 3
104Disappearing Act 4
105Disappearing Act 5
106The Knight's Tour 1
107The Knight's Tour 2
108The Knight's Tour 3
109Walking the Dog
110Chelmey's Route
111How Many Turns?
112Turn on the Light
113A Stack of Dice
114Fair Compensation
115Tricky Digits
116The Torn Photo
117Three Couples
118Cleaning Up 2
119The Fake Coins
120Tug of War
121Light the Way 1
122Light the Way 2
123Light the Way 3
124UFOs Spotted!
125Forest Mushrooms
126Slippery Crossings 1
127Slippery Crossings 2
Lost Future
085Noodlin' Around
086The Impassable Gate
087Pocket Money Poser
088The Discount
089Photo Finish
090Eye of the Dragon
091Strange Glasses
092Stolen Goods
093The Mirror Maze
094The Dragon Walkway
095Looking Up
096First Step?
097A Blind Escape
098Slippery Trip 3
099An Odd Invitation
100The Lost Number
101Shy Lads and Lasses
102Balance your Books
103Fill the Pool
104The Cake Gobbler
105The Fingerprint
106Four Stamps
107The Henclucky Derby
108Dog, Dog, Cat!
109Three Blocks
110A Zero-Sum Game
111Puzzling Legend
112Ladder Puzzle
113One Step at a Time
114Rope Puzzle
115Plus Key
116Which Direction?
117The Secret Letter
118Scrutinised Screws
119Swap to Unlock
120A Cryptic Combo
121Arrow Flow
122Key Code Puzzle
123Cat's-Eye View
124The Final Tile
125Connect the Bots
126Ten-Step Solution
127A Real Heart Swapper
Curious Village
128Number Lock
129Four Balls
130Too Many Queens 5
131Heavier or Lighter?
132Princess's Escape
133Finish the Equation
134Land Disputes
135Queen's Escape
Pandora's Box
128Slippery Crossings 3
129The Messy Mole
130The Strange Painting
131How to Escape?
132Sharing Paintings
133Grab the Key
134Steam Power
135The Magic Lock
136The Hidden Door
137One True Sword
138The Elysian Box
139Coast to Coast
140One Extra Block
141Disappearing Act 6
142The Scholar's Life
143Letter Calculations
144Super Pancakes
145500 Pearls
146Angles in a Box
147Sliding Labyrinth
148Eight Cards
149Number Cycle
150The Knight's Tour 4
151John's Score
152The Card Tournament
153Ultimate Escape
Lost Future
128Reverse Rotation
129Block Blockade
130The Final Puzzle
131The Price of the Pen
132Calendar Collage
133The Two Necklaces
134A Question of Taste
135Jam Weight
136Destination Station
138Quirky Clockwork
139Bricks 'n' Bullion
140Ripple Effect
141A Roll of the Die
142The Marked Cup
143Boards into Numbers
144Mr 8:20
145Time Cards
146Birds on a Wire
147Paving the Way
149Strange Symbols
150Sisterly Sums
151A Difference of 39
152Tinned Trouble
153An Extra Block
154A Stacked Deck
155Block Parity
156ABCs...and Ds
157The Curious Keyholes
158From A to D
159Impassable Gate 2
160Plot Patchwork
161Black Hat, White Hat
162Tinned Trouble 2
163Time Times Three
164Calendar Conundrum
165One Big Necklace
166Perplexing Produce
167Impassable Gate 3
168The Time Machine

Puzzle Names (Prequels)

Spectre's Call
001A Secret Message
002Tourist Spotting
003Pick a Package
004Reloading the Cart
005River Crossing
006Letter Box Plate
007Mopping Up
008Hall of Mirrors
009Curtain Call
010Rodent Rations
011Assign the Incline
012Hotel Rooms
013Bucket Race
014Cafeteria Cruncher
015Eating Point
016Captains' Chat
017The Same Doll?
018Faulty Streetlights
019Fish Feud
020Kitty Cat Count
021Foggy Numbers
022Paper Pieces Pair
023The Cracked Clock
024Moonlight Melancholy
025Bun Gourmet
027Rainbow Cottages
028Black and White Cats
029How Old?
030Book Stacks
031Light Height
032A Kingly Cleanup
033Fruit Friends
034Baskets of Apples
035Sweetie Shapes
036How Many Ones?
037Seven Coins
038Double-Sided Maze
039Raven Medals
040The Full Reservoir
041To See the Stars
Miracle Mask
001Bungle's Balloons
002Where's Mum?
003Bungle's Banners
004Dodgem Detective
005Robot Factory
006Bunny-hop Swap
007A Toasty Toast
008Carnival Colours
009Stamp Stumper
010The Long Wait
011Backstage Blunder
012Sharing the Burden
014Bite of Bygone Days
015Fix the Fossil
016Wandering Watches
017The Broken Brolly
018That's Juicy!
019Spinning Maize
020Nine Red Bricks
021A Lick of Paint
022Poke 'em Totems
023Fairway Fibber
024Patterned Apron
025Brave the Caves
026Mangled Maths
027That Rings a Bell
028Bunny-hop Swap 2
029Tenth-Round Ace
030Big Cake, Little Cake
031Emperor's Throne
032Target Practice
033Chained Circle
034The Cat's Trophy
035Twinkle Tops
036Going Dough-nuts!
037Spin Shenanigans
038Pattern Pending
039A Hat of Tiles
040Crossed Connections
041From the Sidelines
Azran Legacy
001Airship's Destination
002A Glacial Gift
003Lighten Up
004Similar Snowflakes
005Embroidery Enigma
006Frozen in Time
008Reggie's Slidy Ride
009Dial Trial
010Funky Hooks
011A Laborious Litre
012Squirrel Snacks
013Pretty Paper Petals
014Blooming Flowers
015Something Fishy
016Give Me a Sign!
017Walking on Water
018The Celestial King
019A Dog of Tiles
020Boat to Boat
021Fishing Friends
022Hose Help?
024Mutual Meeting Place
025Cracking Combinations
026Copy Cats
027A Heart of Tiles
028Directing a Delivery
029Carriages of Justice
030Airship's Destination 2
031For the Heart!
033Shopping Spree
034The Future Awaits
035Fake Fragments
036Fuel's Errand
037Fuel's Errand 2
038A Royal Burden
039Strawberry Sharer
040Acorn Allocation
041Shunting into Sidings
Spectre's Call
042Angle Anguish
043Armour Antics
044Family Portraits
045Sign Switching
046Overgrown Garden
047The Coded Door
048Crawling the Web
049The Picture's Key
050The 26th Card
051Family Tides
052What Am I?
053Tricky Tomes
054It's in the Bag
055Hat Trick
056Fortune Flowers
057Route Map Madness
058Favourite Umbrella
059Lost in the Museum
060Dinosaur Bones
061Find the File
062A Familiar Face
063Son's Blunder
064Cutting the Cake
065Rubble Trouble
066Sorting Artefacts
068The Cat in the Maze
069Lanky Lamp Post
070Good Neighbours
071Fountain Fight
072Cap Swap
073Bottle Game
074Emergency Lighting
075Coats of Paint
076Swap Over!
077How the Bells Toll
078Lucky Tablecloth
079Sweet Sums
080Paint the Plinth
081Stick to the Plank
082Blockwork Ostrich
083Silver Spinner
084Fill the Flower Bed
Miracle Mask
042Couple at the Cafe
043Pawn Portions
044Suit Crates
045From Left to Right
046Toppings Up!
047Trial by Tennis
048Lighting Action
049A Whinger's Tale
050Kitty Solitaire
051Dandy Bears
052Spectacular Views
053Poke 'em Totems 2
054Archaeological Feet
055Spinning Maize 2
056Clear-Cut Contrasts
057Stitching Squares
058Sorting Blocks
059Flowery Footpath
060A Ropey System
061Padlocked Gate
062Shattered Sign
063A Muddy Mess
064Norwell's Secret
065Kitty Solitaire 2
066A Trip to the Hospital
067Language of Love
068Days of Rest
069Toppings Up! Part 2
070A Perilous Adventure
071Pawn Portions 2
072A Cup of Tiles
073Rock Hard Sums
074Bunny-hop Swap 3
075Grand Horse Race
076Painstaking Packing
077Mishmash Map
078Three Clowns
079The Shopkeepers
080Sharing the Burden 2
081King Arthur's Sword
082Rainbow Repair
083Settle the Scores
084Neon Orange
Azran Legacy
042A Boatload of Hassle
043A String of Jewels
044Staged Silhouettes
045Piglet Racing
046Blooming Flowers 2
047Fowl Food
048Acorn Allocation 2
049Fussy Fruit Eaters
050Forest Friends
051Baby Boar Racing
052An Epic Quest
053The Domino Effect
054A Trio of Trouble
055Very Specific Scoops
056Give Me a Sign! 2
057A Boatload of Trouble
058Nose to Nose
059Lovely Pairs
060Boat to Boat 2
061Be My Guest
062Nose to Nose 2
063Horsing Around
064Thick As Thieves
065Cards on the Table
066Flying the Coop
067A Feathered Apple
068Burger Building
069Bibliofiling 2
070A Knightly Trial
071Burger Building 2
072Bemused Bunnies
073Counting Sheep
074Pampering Your Pets
075Golden Butterfly
076Troubled Waters
077Fruits and Fungi
078All Under Control
079Snake Squeezing x10
080Golden Butterfly 2
081Moonlight, Starlight
082Walking on Water 2
083Snake Squeezing x11
084Potion Placement
Spectre's Call
085The Bus Stop
086Board the Window!
087Double-Sided Maze 2
088Fuel for the Fire
089Wine Wise
090Puppet Master
092Key Quandry
093Escape Route
094Policing the Streets
095House Hunting
096Seven Towers
097How Many Friends?
098A Secret Code
099A Watched Pot
100Cat Catching
101Square Goldfish
102Window Pain
103Cog Confusion
105Bouquet Give Away
106Apples Away!
107A View of the Rooms
108Pendant Pursuit
109An Orderly Bookcase
11016 Silver Marbles
111Couple the Chairs
112Repair the Wall
113Crystal Carafes
114Typing Numbers
115Market Shortcut
116Stained Glass
117A Token Puzzle
118Starry Sky Sketch
119Window Design
120Juice Bottle
121Flatfoot Families
122Balance the Fruits
123The Same Chain
124Snake Mummies
125The Spectre's Path
126Mirror, Mirror
Miracle Mask
085Slot Sequence
086Even Ten
088Glass Arrows
089Pumpkin Spinners
090Loose Connection
091Totem Tumbler
092Ancient Artistry
093Hershel vs Mummies!
094Cursed Case
095Snakes and Keys
097Tilt to Traverse
098Watertight Code
099Ancient Artistry 2
100The Last Door
101Wonky Wiring
102Dice Crates
103Stars of the Stage
104A Cracking Read
105Free Lunch!
106Confusion Cubed
107Toppings Up! Part 3
108Balls and Boxes
109Fishy Triangle
110Cosy Cabins
111Holiday Snaps
112A Duck of Tiles
113Chip Champions
114Emperor's Throne 2
115Slot Sequence 2
116Fair Lettering Ferris
117Ride Rotation
118Pawn Portions 3
119Fairly Shared Squares
120Bungle's Balloons 2
121Ball Dart Bullseye
122Kitty Solitaire 3
123Weighted Marbles
124Bungle's Banners 2
125A Day at the Races
126Room 2134 Mystery
127Ace of Diamonds
Azran Legacy
085The Phoenix Wakes
086Reggie's Slidy Ride 2
087A Shamefaced Clock
088Bibliofiling 3
089Jewellery Jumble
090Very Specific Scoops 2
091A Ship of Tiles
092Tank Goodness
093Stacks of Stock
094Tethered Ted
095Troubled Waters 2
096Perplexing Patterns
097Pumpkin Purveyors
098A Troublesome Tent
099Brownie Points
100Directing a Delivery 2
101In the Balance
102Troubled Waters 3
103Poster Predator
104Finding Ambrosia
105Slicing Things Up
106Tethered Ted 2
107Lighten Up 2
108The Path of True Love
109A Slippery Surface
110Pesky Patterns
111Stacks of Stock 2
112A Puzzling Pyramid
113Shunting into Sidings 2
114Copy Cats 2
115Dial Trial 2
116Funky Hooks 2
117A Laborious 9 Litres
118Mutiny! 2
119Jumbled Junctions
120Snoozysnore's Plan!
121Touch Ten Buttons
122Snoozysnore Returns!
123Nose to Nose 3
124A Slippery Surface 2
125Stacks of Stock 3
126Thirst for Answers
127Bemused Bunnies 2
Spectre's Call
128Watermelon Wonder
129The Factory Door
130The Four Weights
131Dark Maze
132Painting Device
133Freight Crane
134Engine Parts
135Hanging Platform
136The Same Again
137How Many Brothers?
138Wire Cutter
139Emergency Stop
140The Next Attack!
141The Red Connection
142Switchboard Cipher
143Layton's Catapult
144Lake Bottom Crest
145Cubic Planet Map
146Seventy Books
147Three-Coloured Cube
148Gems in a Box
149Marble Swirl Circle
150Lily Pad Leapfrog
151Coax the Kitty!
152A Convenient Tool
153Artistic Value
154The Winding Cable
155One Way
156Which Direction?
157Emergency Stop 2
158Just Jewels
159Bomb Panic
16027 Gold Marbles
161Lily Pad Leapfrog 2
162The Mallet's Design
163At Cross Purposes
164Red and Blue Jewels
165Three Blocks
166Fixing the Pipes
167Bouncing Bombs
168Button to Button
169Murky Maze
170The Greatest Escape
Miracle Mask
128Faded Photos
129A Sweeping Solution
130Water, Wood, Fire
131Jewels to the Lock
132Stealth Night
133Grand Hall Rescue
134Breaking the Seal
135Wind-Up Chamber
136A Pattern of Tiles
137Cursed Case 2
138Poke 'em Totems 3
139Emperor's Throne 3
140Pawn Portions 4
141Fix the Fossil 2
142Spinning Maize 3
143Flowery Footpath 2
144Grand Hall Rescue 2
145Merry-Go-Tiles 2
146Tilt to Traverse 2
147That Rings a Bell 2
148Mummies' Revenge!
149From Right to Left
150Back to the Chamber
Azran Legacy
128Shunting into Sidings 3
129Tough-to-Reach Tea
130Mixed Swine Racing
131Forest Friends 2
132An Epic Quest 2
133A Boatload of Bother
134Airship's Destination 3
135A String of Jewels 2
136Directing a Delivery 3
137A Troublesome Tent 2
138In the Balance 2
139A Puzzling Pyramid 2
140Potion Placement 2
141Thick As Thieves 2
142X Marks...?
143The Azran Eggs
144Medal Match-Up
146Sprint and Switch!
147Room of Doom
148A Groovy Lever
149Exit on the Left
150The Azran Legacy
151Fuel's Errand 3
152Touch Ten Buttons 2
153Room of Doom 2
154Reggie's Slidy Ride 3
155Burger Building 3
156Lighten Up 3
157Funky Hooks 3
158A Puzzling Pyramid 3
159Blooming Flowers 3
160Sprint and Switch! 2
161A Groovy Lever! 2
162Exit on the Left 2
163Mutiny! 3
164Snoozysnore Strikes!
165A Troublesome Table