On the Subject of Quaver

Now set to permanent NLN! Wait, what do you mean that it's unranked?

  • This module has a screen and arrow key cluster.
  • To solve this module, fill the top bar fully.

Difficulty Selection

  • The module starts in the difficulty selection screen.
  • There are 3 different modifiers which the defuser can freely customize:
    1. Speed: Rate of the notes falling. (1.0x-2.0x)
    2. Difficulty: Density of notes. (Normal, Hard, Insane, Expert)
    3. Per Column: Require keeping track of columns individually. (On/Off)
  • The left and right arrow keys adjust the currently selected modifier.
  • Pressing the up and down arrow keys will scroll between the modifiers.
  • Enter gameplay by pressing the space bar.


  • Adjust the scroll speed with the up and down arrow keys at the start.
  • Keep track of the total amount of arrows that fell.
    • With Per Column enabled, keep track of the amount per column.
  • When the sequence finishes, the module enters submission.
  • Press the arrow keys/space bar equal to the amount of arrows there were.
  • A 2-second timer starts upon a key press, and will submit when run out.
    • The timer resets upon any subsequent key press.
    • The submission numbers wrap around eventually.
  • If correct, the top bar fills, otherwise a strike is incured.
  • The selection screen is now displayed, and the cycle repeats.

Bar-filling Formula

  • The formula used is S * D * P. 100 QR is needed to solve the module.

S = Speed [1.0x = 1, 1.5x = 1.5, 2.0x = 2]
D = Difficulty [Normal = 10, Hard = 20, Insane = 40, Expert = ]
P = Per Column [ON = 1, OFF = 0.5]